Portland: Officer Investigated for Saying He had to “Babysit” Black Lives Matter

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 26, 2015

A lot of the time, I lol while using photoshop.
A lot of the time, I lol while using photoshop.

Putting aside basic issues of free speech, what would you call it, if not “babysitting”?

These people go out on the street and whine, but they require a legion of cops to stand by and make sure their whining doesn’t turn into rioting. It is exactly “babysitting.”

A Portland police officer who wrote a Twitter message complaining that he’d be stuck late at work Friday night “to babysit these fools,” referring to a planned Black Lives Matter-Not Black Friday march at Lloyd Center, has been taken off the street while an internal investigation proceeds.

Portland police Acting Chief Donna Henderson, filling in for Chief Larry O’Dea who is off until next week, announced the investigation Tuesday afternoon in a news release.

“I am highly offended, and I think other people should be,” said Teressa Raiford, a community activist involved in Don’t Shoot Portland. “I think it’s very unprofessional, especially someone in his position.”

Teressa Raiford:


Negresses do not forget.

Negresses do not forgive.

Expect them to get offended by your internet postings and try to destroy your life.

Officer John Hurlman, a 24-year bureau veteran, removed the post from his Twitter feed, but a screen shot was caught by others.

His message read, “Black Lives Matter is planning to protest at Lloyd Center on black Friday. Oh joy, stuck late again at work to babysit these fools.”

The Tweet did not even contain a racial slur.
The Tweet did not even contain a racial slur.

Henderson said she learned of the message on Tuesday. Hurlman did not return a phone message for comment.

“This post is in no way a reflection of how members of the Portland Police Bureau view these community groups or their peaceful expression of free speech,” Henderson said, in a prepared statement. “Just as with any protest or demonstration, police will work to ensure a safe, secure and orderly event for all community members and to minimize disruptions to traffic.”

This is not the first time Hurlman, a North Precinct officer who works day shift, has gotten into trouble for an electronic message.

In September 2012, Hurlman sent an email message on his patrol car’s mobile computer that went out to the entire police force by accident. It was while he was seated in his patrol car, listening to radio coverage of a news conference where Oregon’s U.S. Attorney and members of the U.S. Department of Justice announced that a federal investigation had found Portland police engaged in a pattern of excessive force against people suffering from mental illness.

Annoyed by the outcome, Hurlman intended to respond to another officer’s email but sent a message to the entire police force, writing something like, “This is the same DOJ or people who created Waco and Ruby Ridge.”

For those who don’t know, Waco refers to a slaughter which took place in 1993 in Waco, Texas, when a cult church run by David Koresh, who was a pretty cool guy, was burned down by the feds, because… well, that was never really clear.

It was a very nasty massacre, organized by Jews like Tom Lantos (a Hoax survivor).

76 people were killed, including children.

Ruby Ridge was a similar event, where the feds killed some guy’s wife and kids because he lived in the woods.

It’s interesting that a cop who is against Black Lives Matter would care about these events. It shows that he is a good American, all around, and not just fed up with being personally annoyed by dumb Blacks.

I think this is the case with most White cops. They are good folks. You just deal with the assholes because if they weren’t assholes you wouldn’t be dealing with them.