Potential Explanations for Filipino Fake Bomb Hoaxer Allegations

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 27, 2018

The bomb hoax has been a wild ride.

Let’s unpack this.

Firstly, I want to make it clear that I do believe that whatever the explanation is, this was a fake and gay hoax.

This Guy Cesar Sayoc

Cesar Sayoc is a 56-year-old Filipino-American with a very troubled past.

He has a long arrest record for a bunch of things.

He is a former male stripper who used steroids.

And he was homeless and living in a van – which conveniently was covered in what appeared to be brand new Trump-related memes.

He also had drug problems.

He is clearly a Filipino, yet identified as “We Unconquered Seminole Tribe [sic].”

His Twitter feed is the killshot. This shows that English is not his first language (although it is claimed he was born in Brooklyn) and he is totally unhinged. If this is even his real twitter – it looks like one of these bots I hear about all the time.

A lot of the posts are clearly threats to various people, saying “see you soon” and… posting “Death” tarot cards. And such.

(Here’s the full archive index of his tweets – Twitter quickly deleted the account, of course.)

The memes are very, very bad. The text is just a bunch of garbled nonsense keywords about liberals. It’s nutty to read through.

Anyway: I think we can fairly say that whatever else the guy is, he was actively at Trump rallies. That doesn’t mean the van is really his, or the Twitter account is really his, necessarily, but there are enough photos of him at Trump rallies that I believe that.

What the Media is Saying

The media as you know relies on the idea that Trump is a white supremacist secret Nazi as the core of their narrative. That’s why Kanye going full MAGA gave them a problem and why this guy is giving them a problem.

So right now, they are just ignoring the fact he isn’t white, and saying he’s a “white supremacist.”

The woman claiming it says she worked at a pizza shop with Sayoc.

She appears to be Jewish and a lesbian.

(This is one case where the fact she’s Jewish isn’t really suspicious – that entire part of Florida is Jewish; however, him living there is suspicious.)

CNN, WaPo – everyone rolling with this bit.

The claim is based on quotes from someone who allegedly knew him, but whatever – that narrative sure as shit isn’t going to hold up.

Basically, the media is just run by retards, and they will push the standard narrative immediately instinctively, even if it clearly on the face of it doesn’t make any sense. They will then recalibrate.

They haven’t recalibrated yet at time of writing. I assume what they’re going to do is say the same initial line applied to a nonwhite guy: “oh this male individual, Trump stirred him up, his rhetoric and statements, that caused this,” and then just drop it out of the news cycle before Trump forces the FBI to disclose the fact that the bombs were fake and contained no explosive material.

And before he starts talking about the fact that the stamps were not marked on the packages, which is a real sticking point in the whole story.

And then all the rest of it – this will clearly unravel very, very quickly under the kind of scrutiny that stuff gets these days, what with the internet. And the media is at least smart enough not to have this running in the headlines when the whole thing falls apart.

And like I say – they want it out of the headlines anyway because the guy isn’t white and they don’t have any readymade narrative for that.

Meanwhile, In Reality, The Basic Options Are…

There are several plausible scenarios here as to what is going on.

There are three basic ones (and then however many variations):

1. Sayoc was identified as an unhinged person on the internet, and was approached by some intelligence/law enforcement and talked into sending these fake bombs.

This is a pretty standard M.O. of the FBI. They find mentally unstable people and send in undercover operatives to talk them into weird shit. These operatives can lie about whatever they want to lie about. The agencies have pretty much unlimited capacity to engage in these operations secretly by stamping “national security” on them. (The 1993 bombing of the WTC is a famous example of this – the guy was an informant who thought he was delivering a fake bomb, but the feds gave him a real bomb instead. He secretly recorded them to prove this, otherwise no one would ever have known. I imagine this happens quite a lot. In 1993, it would have been about simply expanding budgets, but now it’s political.)

Note that this happened in Broward County, the same place that Parkland happened. Sheriff Israel’s department was involved in the Sayoc arrest. This is the Jew who ordered officers to stand down while the place was getting shot up after he’d repeatedly refused to respond to complaints that the Jewish shooter was going to shoot up a school. It is an incredible coincidence that these two recent major events would happen in the same county, and it is possible that this heavily Jewish area is just a place from whence they do such kinds of things.

2. Sayoc was identified as the type of person who can be blamed for random nonsense, as he doesn’t have the ability to defend himself due to low IQ and mental instability.

The Twitter account could have been faked beforehand – there are definitely threats there, and that could have all been placed by agents who planned to eventually pin it on this guy. This could have been done without his knowledge. It’s possible the van isn’t even his. The newness of the stickers is certainly suspicious (although the excuse would be that he needed to cover the windows so he could build bombs in the back of the van).

He could just be an innocent Trump-supporting Pinoy with a long criminal record and a history of mental instability who they framed.

He is not going to be appearing on TV anytime soon. And if he did, I do not think he would be very good at defending himself. He would look like a lunatic and be convicted in the court of public opinion.

But he’s not going on TV. And there won’t be any defense offered in the next two weeks. This is all about the midterms. These people are going for broke.

3. The operation was initially planned to keep running through the midterms, and for whatever reason it was aborted and they just grabbed the first nutter they could get a line on.

The other possibility is that this thing was so rushed that they didn’t have a patsy. That could be the case if it was done by a state agency, or if it was done by some non-state agency that was leftist and got caught.

That is an important distinction. Because I don’t know for a fact that the government itself was involved in this hoax. What I know is that the FBI colluded with the hoaxer by refusing to explain whether or not the bombs were real or fake, allowing the media to continue to run with the narrative that these were real bombs. They also offered no explanation for the missing postal stamps.

So, I have no doubt that if they were not directly involved but traced this to a leftist, they would quickly grab a patsy to frame it on.

Or, it was done by a state entity but it was so rushed that they just did it thinking they didn’t need a patsy, they would just run it through the midterms and dispose of it from the headlines afterward. Then, perhaps Trump was able to make more moves than they thought – remember he made a tweet tacitly suggesting the entire thing was a hoax literally an hour before the arrest – and they had to promptly abort.

The “in a rush” explanation makes a lot of sense, given the fact that this was not a white guy. There are presumably plenty of unhinged white guys on the internet who have made various veiled threats to leftist politicians on social media, and that certainly would have been better for them.

The Details Ultimately Don’t Matter

Unless something can be proved within the next…

…ten days and four hours, then it doesn’t matter what happened.

I know it’s fake, you know it’s fake, every Trump-supporter knows it’s fake and the media knows both that it is fake and they can’t sell it.

So it is going to disappear.

On some level, the damage is done, because this does make it harder to use the “violent mobs” rhetoric that was selling very well. That can come back, but not within ten days of this hoax (probably) – just because they hit all of these keywords that register in people’s brains for three days.

But I don’t think this is going to have much of an impact, and in fact it may have the reverse. After all, there is some truth to the media line that Trump supporters are naturally racist – even if it is subconscious. And according to the media, this is yet another brown person doing something troublesome (yes, they’re calling him “white,” but people can see the fucking picture).

If I were to sit down in a room with a bunch of intelligent people I could brainstorm out the best course of action for Trump from here in a matter of seconds. Right now, sitting with a bunch of Negroes in a Nigerian strip club, I’ll have to think about it a little bit more.