Potential New PM Jeremy Hunt Engages in Islamic Prayer

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 27, 2019


I guess you’ll have this. What with these days and the things. And so on.

Gotta be accepting.


Tory leadership contender and Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary Jeremy Hunt stood to attention for the Islamic call to prayer at a Ramadan feast in Whitehall on May 23rd.

The Remain voter, who will become Prime Minister if he wins to contest to succeed Theresa May as Conservative Party leader, stood for the call to prayer at an Iftar — a sunset feast at which Muslims break their Ramadan fasts — alongside junior minister Tariq Ahmad, also known as the Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon.

“Proud to co-host an Iftar [at the Foreign Office] with [Tariq Ahmad],” the Foreign Secretary posted on Twitter.

“Britain’s Muslim communities make an invaluable contribution to our national life. Ramadan Mubarak to those celebrating in the UK and around the world.”

A video of the prayer was posted to the microblogging social media platform by Fawaz Al Khalifa, the Bahraini regime’s ambassador to the United Kingdom.

“The voice of the call to prayer rings in the foreign ministry during the iftar ceremony of [Jeremy Hunt] the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Lord [Tariq Ahmad] Minister of State and Special envoy for freedom of religion” he commented in Arabic, roughly translated.

The gathering was addressed by Qari Asim, imam of Leeds Mosque and chairman of the Mosque and Imam National Advisory Board (MINAB).

I remember when the liberal idea – pioneered by the French – was that all of these Moslems that are being brought in were going to convert to secular atheism, and everyone would live in a godless free sex paradise of human rights and democracy.

Now, the overwhelming message is that expecting Moslems to become secular is actually racist, and instead we should be encouraging white people to convert to Islam.

Last year, the British Foreign Office had a “World Hijab Day” event, in which they celebrated a new Islamic holiday which encourages white people to start wearing hijabs to conform to the culture of the immigrant population.

The German government famously ran ads in 2016 telling white women to wear hijabs – an ad which coincided with various government and media outlets in Germany telling white women that wearing hijabs would help keep them from being groped on the street by vibrant new Germans.

And of course, this year we had the incredible event in New Zealand, where following a reverse-terrorist attack on a mosque, the female Prime Minister of the country appeared to convert to Islam, wearing a hijab at all public appearances.

She also ordered female police to wear hijabs.

Further, she sent all officers to mosques to study Islam and apparently wanted them to convert to the religion.

This is the overwhelming trend. Gone are the days of everyone living in an atheist free sex paradise. Now are the days of the government embracing Islam and encouraging the people to convert in order to avoid conflict with the incoming Islamic population.

It is very weird, I think.

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