Practical Advice On How to Create a Solid Squad

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 29, 2018

In life, a lot of the hard work of self-improvement has more to do with chipping away at bad habits and digging oneself out of a hole than actually building anything.

It’s the same with constructing a solid club, an organization or tribe.

Not making mistakes is the most important step to success. The rest comes naturally.

Funny enough, our society used to teach leadership skills at the top schools and in the military. Fathers would pass on old leadership knowledge and wisdom. But this was scrubbed out long before I ever got to school, so just like most of you I wager, I have had to glean what knowledge I can.

But I want to share what I have scrapped together through experience and research with you so far, in case there are a few of you reading this now who want to start something on your own that is Alt-Right or nationalist-related in the future.

First and foremost: you have to keep low-quality people out. 

This is the cardinal rule. Ignore it and everything will fall apart. This is the biggest takeaway that you can take from this article, so if nothing else, remember this. Don’t let toxic people stay in your group.

It is hard to quantify, but there is something I like to call the Sperg Quotient. A decent sized group can tolerate maybe one or two spergs – antisocial, disruptive, defective in some way or just generally useless people – for awhile.

If there is only one or two of them, they just become the punching bag for the rest of the group. Someone that everyone takes joy in taking shots at. Because they are spergs, they don’t take the hint and you’re left with a walking stress ball that your guys can just unload on from time to time to relieve tension.

This is manageable.

But once the number of spergs grows just a little bit past manageable levels, the group will fall apart.

Now, most Northwest European stock people are very conflict-averse and physically/mentally unable to ever directly tell anyone the truth to their face, so you will never really hear any formal complaints from your group members. You will just notice that normal people will just stop coming to events and hang-outs, they’ll peel off and hang out with the one or two guys that they got along best with within the group.

Many a group of nationalists started out big and then broke down into half a dozen two or three man squads unable and unwilling to work together with the others because the feeling of solidarity was shattered by one or two toxic individuals that were a cancer to the group and that no one had the balls to excise.

So, like you would a plant or a tree, you must monitor the health of your group and yes, occasionally prune the leaves from time to time.

I’ll say it again.┬á

If you’re serious about starting a solid activism group or even just a solid bro-squad, toxic people need to be bullied out, or if you’re living in a softer country, they will probably be passively aggressively eased out of the group through Mean Girl type tactics.

This isn’t the worst thing, but be mindful that the vibe your group gives off has a lot to do with how it deals its internal problems…but more about that another time.

Alright, now a few more words on identifying toxic people.

Just because someone mouths off the right slogans and seemingly believes in all the right talking points doesn’t mean that they are necessarily a good fit for your group.

Take a look at them. 

Are they in some visible way defective? Seriously. Are they twitching a lot? Do they seem…a little off? Are they rude or antagonistic? Are they a complete slob? Is their fly down and their collar covered in ketchup stains?


And before you say that I am being too harsh, let me ask you this: do you want to play mother to this person? Perhaps you want to do something productive with your time and energy. If so, then get them out, STAT.

Furthermore, there is something that you must understand about spergs.

Oftentimes they join fringe groups and movements because these are the only groups that will have them. 

They don’t┬áreally┬ágive a shit about your beliefs, your goals, your credo, whatever.┬á

They’re just looking for somewhere to fit in, by doing the least amount of work possible. Instead of improving themselves, working on their social skills, losing weight, being helpful, etc. they just learn to mouth off a few slogans and all of a sudden, they’re┬áin.┬á

Every single sub-culture from SJWs to goths and emos exists because it creates this shortcut for terrible people to join and participate in something without ever having to do anything to improve themselves.

Instead, they would just buy some clothes from Hot Topic, change their hair-cut and spout off Cult-Marx talking points.

Don’t let your group take shortcuts.┬á

I am very happy to say that we are past the stage where any warm body will do. As far as sub-cultures go, we’ve really come into our own in the last couple of years. We’ve got good quality people already in and many more looking to come into the nationalist fold. This means that you can be discerning now.

Remember, well-adjusted people are repulsed by spergs and sperg behavior. If you allow spergs into your group, you will automatically cap the growth of your group because no new recruits will want to join.

Think about a fraternity. They’re very careful about who they let in – and for good reason. They’ve got an image to uphold and a few tools can ruin it for them. When they haze new recruits they’re looking to provoke them and see if they can handle your shit. Spergs can’t help themselves. They sperg out under pressure and they get rejected. By only letting in top-quality dude-bros, the frat can continue to recruit more dude-bros every year. The minute they let in too many non-dude-bros, that’s the year that people stop wanting to rush.

They look like clowns tho, let’s be real. Dressing like this is a form of peacocking and introducing an artificial handicap – which is a way to show that you’re so cool that you can get away with dressing up like an assclown and still manage to get laid. We’re not going to do that.

And you can do the same thing as these frats without all the gay degenerate room temperature IQ shit. 

Activism, tribe-building and networking in general only works when people are putting something┬áin.┬áIf you have to babysit your members, run around putting out one fire after another caused by the stupidity of a member, or trying to keep your group members from gossiping/feuding against one another, you’ll get worn out.

You can prevent a lot of stress and headache by just being firm in the beginning and not letting spergs in in the first place. And if you discover belatedly that they are a furry, a closet homosexual, a kleptomaniac, unstable, a convincing tranny, etc. you need to nip the problem in the bud.

A little bit of harshness up front will prevent a dumpster fire later. 

And my last bit of advice for today:

Your gut knows. Seriously.

Chances are, your gut will tell you everything you need to know about a person if you just listen to it.