Prediction of Catastrophic Surge in Sea Levels Was Very Wrong, Study Shows

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 7, 2019

Climate Change predictions keep changing. Just like the climate!

If this isn’t proof that we need to nuke our economies to stop the climate from not being absolutely predictable and let China and India take over the world, I don’t know what is.

Daily Mail:

Predictions of an imminent and catastrophic surge in sea levels were incorrect and overestimated, a new study has found. 

The difference between the two predictions stems from disagreement as to how significant the melting of the Antarctic ice-cliffs will be to global levels.

New research says there is only a five per cent chance that the Antarctic ice-cliff melting will contribute more than 15 inches (39 cm) to global sea levels by 2100.

Previous estimates stated it could contribute a huge 44 inches (1.14 metres) alone – more than seven times the revised value of between 5.5 – 6 inches (14 – 15 centimetres). 

The latest study found that, by the end of this century, global sea levels will rise by a grand total of less than four feet (120 cm), noticeably less dramatic than the doomsday predictions of a 2016 paper from US-based scientists that estimated it would exceed 6.5 feet (two metres).

But, a separate study published by the same scientists found future generations still face a significant fallout from global warming and wilder weather due to ‘climate chaos’ – even if the previous doomsday prediction was inaccurate.

Dr Tamsin Edwards, lecturer in physical geography at King’s and lead author of the study published in Nature, said: ‘Unstable ice cliffs in Antarctica were proposed as a cause of unstoppable collapse of large parts of the ice sheet in the past.

‘They were, therefore, also predicted to cause rapidly rising seas with global warming in our near future. But we’ve re-analysed the data and found this isn’t the case.’

Dr Edwards, says: ‘We’ve shown that ice-cliff instability doesn’t appear to be an essential mechanism in reproducing past sea level changes and so this suggests “the jury’s still out” when it comes to including it in future predictions.

‘Even if we do include ice-cliff instability, our more thorough assessment shows that the most likely contribution to sea level rise would be less than half a metre by 2100.’

The more you look into the sensationalist claims of people pushing Climate Change policies, the more you realize it’s all just a big hoax intended to further weaken white countries.

That doesn’t stop young whites to skip school and ask for their economies to be killed off “to save the planet” though.


Thousands of students skipped classes Thursday and marched past the Dutch parliament, calling for more ambitious climate policies in the Netherlands.

The noisy but peaceful demonstration by Dutch students follows similar marches in recent weeks in neighboring Belgium that also have drawn thousands of protesters.

The protests there continued, too, with thousands more teenagers demonstrating in several cities for the fifth week in a row.

Organizers of the Dutch march in The Hague said they want to send a wake-up call to politicians who are wrestling with how best to rein in greenhouse gas emissions.

They had hoped for some 3,000 marchers but got far more, although police did not give an official estimate of the crowd’s size.

Students from across the Netherlands crammed into trains and buses, those from The Hague walked or rode their bicycles to gather in a park before setting off on a walk through the city.

We’re here because we want the government to take quicker and better steps to improve the climate,” said 16-year-old Maartje Bood, who had traveled 200 kilometers (125 miles) from the northern city of Leeuwarden to take part in the march.

She and her friends were holding up a banner that said in Dutch, “We want the 11 cities race back,” a reference to a marathon speedskating race over frozen canals in the northern Netherlands that is only staged in very cold winters when the ice is thick enough. The last race was held in 1997.

Yeah, that speedskating race coming back or not is not really under our control. It’s incredibly naive to expect the weather to be the same at the same time every year just because it’s been relatively similar since you started measuring, and it’s even worse to think that the weather isn’t what you want it to be because of something you did.

Berber Neef, a 17-year-old student who told her school she was sick so she could attend the march, agreed.

The earth is warming up, everyone knows that,” she said. “We need tougher measures. The government has to act.”

These young white students are behaving like sheep because they’ve been engineered into being sheep by the Jews. They don’t even look into the research to make up their own minds, they don’t even try to use reason and logic, let alone pause a moment to analyze the doomsday claims being thrown at them.

They just take it all in and accept the guilt.

Their arguments are not really arguments, they are emotions.

They desperately ask their governments to raise taxes and make everything harder for everyone without realizing their countries are the least responsible for contaminating the planet.

There’s a very real feeling of dread among them. They don’t see the point in going to school if the world is about to end.

The Jews are great at taking advantage of our people’s good will. They corrupt, and then they exploit. In this case, they’ve corrupted our drive for redemption and turned it into a drive for suicide.

We have to cleanse our people’s minds.

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