President Trump Alleged to be Going Full-On with the SPACE FORCE

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 1, 2018

I’m happy about this.

But the thing is, this is supposed to fit into a larger agenda of building a MAGA empire. I can’t see a lot of sense in going forward with a SPACE FORCE if we cannot even stop the most primitive people on earth from flooding our country.


President Donald Trump plans to go ahead with asking Congress to establish a Space Force as an independent branch of the military, according to a draft presidential directive obtained by POLITICO — committing to the biggest restructuring of the U.S. military in seven decades despite bipartisan skepticism on Capitol Hill.

The draft, produced after months of internal review, outlines much-awaited details for what would be the first new military service since 1947. It indicates that Trump, who has championed the standalone Space Force, is still interested in pursuing an entirely new branch, despite criticism of the proposal on Capitol Hill and even initial opposition within the Pentagon.

The White House directive provides no estimate of what the Space Force would cost, although previous estimates have ranged from less than $5 billion to as high as $13 billion over five years.

That’s less than we’re sending to Israel…

Under the proposal, the Department of the Space Force would be headed by a civilian secretary — just like the Army, Navy and Air Force — and either a four-star general or admiral. The latter person would also serve as a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, according to the draft directive dated Nov. 19.

“Under this proposal, the Space Force will organize, train and equip national security space forces of the United States to ensure unfettered access to and freedom to operate in space, and to provide vital capabilities … in peacetime and across the spectrum of conflict,” the draft directive says.

Who knows.

Maybe this is some kind of Q-tier 4D chess move to throw a military coup by throwing the military into disarray.

I wouldn’t expect myself to not be excited about a SPACE FORCE.

It’s just that the talk of such a thing as that feels a wee bit premature, while we’re in the middle of this:

Our border is being Zerg Rushed by people so low it is an insult to insectoid space monsters to refer to their invasion strategy as a “Zerg Rush.”

I would much rather be fighting space aliens than Honduran aliens, lemme tell you.

But at this point, if the Zerg landed, we’d have Jews calling us racists for shooting them and saying they’re just looking for a better life and to put food on their larvae.