President Trump Calls for Investigation Into Conspiracy to Hoax a Conspiracy – “DO SOMETHING!”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 29, 2017

Great, glorious and historic Twitter rant by our President today!

A homosexual “German Turk” got the top reply on Trump’s first post in the series, and I think it pretty much sums up the entire establishment response to all of this nonsense falling apart.

“NO U!!!!!111”

That is all they have.

Because we are now into the realm of facts. And the establishment exists only on lies, due to the fact that their agenda is so corrupt and evil. You cannot be honest in a situation where you are trying to destroy the people you are ruling over.

So what do they do now?

What are their options?

Well. They don’t really have any more options. They have been caught up in a conspiracy to fake a conspiracy, so their conspiracy being exposed both shows them to be criminals and vindicates Trump at the same time.

He says “do something,” and something is all that needs done. You flip over one rock, and everything falls apart – unlike the Russia investigation, that just went on and on and on with them talking about that meeting with the lawyer and blah blah blah.

From the beginning, I have said that the real conspiracy is the faking of a conspiracy, and I don’t know if anyone else put it in those terms. But they are the clearest terms. These people engaged in a political witchhunt based on lies and fake intelligence, with the stated purpose of destroying an elected leader. It is sedition. And Hillary, Comey, Mueller, the media – everyone is guilty.

And we can prove them guilty in a court of law.

We just need to get this ball rolling.


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