President Trump Calls for Shutdown of NBC News

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 11, 2017


That’s an incredibly provocative Tweet right there.

Revoke their license.

Trump has the ability to do this.

The Tweet is related to alleged fake news related to North Korea, which I don’t really care about.

What I do care about is shutting down the news media and either locking journalists in camps, or simply mass-executing them.

Journalists are destroying this country, and they need to be rounded up and silenced, either by being interned or simply killed. I personally think that simply slaughtering these journalists like food-pigs is clearly and apparently appropriate, and anyone who disagrees with such a program also deserves to be slaughtered like a food-pig.

I want to see pieces of journalist brains splattered across walls, and the overwhelming majority of Americans (I ONLY MEAN WHITES BECAUSE ONLY WHITES ARE AMERICAN) agrees with me.

We want to see walls looking like someone just threw lasagna on them, with big bloody chunks of the brains of journalists.

But the important thing is just shutting their kike mouths. That is the prime directive at this point. And I am very happy to see President Trump moving in that direction.