President Trump Says Brexit Deal is Crap, Might Stop UK-US Trade

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 27, 2018

I have argued that Theresa May was a shill for the globalists, purposefully attempting to negotiate the worst possible exit from the EU so that the UK can easily be forced back into the union at a future date.

She was anti-Brexit before Brexit, and part of a whole group of people involved in a globalist conspiracy. She is also a dried up childless old woman, literally the dictionary definition of worthless, and has no stake in the future of the UK or the world.

Unless you’re under 50 or so, you can’t claim that you’re waiting on transhumanism to make it so you can live forever. Theresa may is 82.

Wait no, just Googled that.

Coulda fooled me.

Whatever – she’s going to die before transhumanism and has no kids. She’s also going to die before the UK is a full-on head-chopping Islamic Caliphate.

How can anyone trust the motives of such an individual?


Donald Trump has suggested Theresa May’s Brexit agreement could threaten a US-UK trade deal.

The US president told reporters the withdrawal agreement “sounds like a great deal for the EU” and meant the UK might not be able to trade with the US.

No 10 insisted it is “very clear” the UK would be able to sign trade deals with countries around the world.

Downing Street added that Mrs May is ready to defend her deal in a TV debate with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

It has been reported the debate could take place on 9 December – two days before the Parliamentary vote on Mrs May’s deal.

Speaking to reporters outside the White House, Mr Trump said: “Right now if you look at the deal, [the UK] may not be able to trade with us. And that wouldn’t be a good thing. I don’t think they meant that.”

It would appear Mr Trump was suggesting the agreement could leave Britain unable to negotiate a free-trade agreement with the United States.

However, responding to Mr Trump’s comments, a Downing Street spokesman said the Brexit withdrawal agreement struck on Sunday would allow the UK to sign bilateral deals with countries including the US.

Candidate Trump played a big part in promoting the original Brexit vote, and he should campaign hard against this.

If it fails in Parliament, May is going to have to resign. And I’m pretty sure that means Boris Johnson takes over.

Farage has called this “the worst deal in history.”

The basic idea of a “divorce deal” was retarded. They claimed that Britain simply couldn’t dip out because the EU was blackmailing them economically, but it’s like “okay, whatever, who cares?”

The UK is a more productive and generally successful country than any single EU member state by a longshot. And the rest of the world exists.

The UK already has more trade with non-EU countries than EU countries, and the only reason they have such high trade with the EU is because the EU incentivized them to do so.

Note that the US is the only major partner they have a positive trade balance with.

And Trump is attempting to isolate and break-up the EU. Let’s be honest, that’s Trump’s goal. Even the media won’t outright say that, because they don’t even want the idea in the public realm. Point being: Trump is more than willing to make a special trade deal with the UK specifically designed to reward them for harming the EU, and he has said as much and also said that Theresa isn’t interested.

Furthermore, most people get most things from China, and China doesn’t care about Brexit. Probably, China would also do a deal to try to harm the EU.

International Trade is Yet Another Globalist Trick Anyway

I’m not an expert in international trade, and anyone who claims to be is probably lying or actually is an expert and is trying to trick you.

What I do know is this:

  • America is capable of full autarky
  • Most other countries probably are not capable of full autarky, yet rely overly much on international trade because reliance on international trade has been incentivized by globalist financial institutions
  • Most consumer products have “made in China” stamped on them
  • Globalists have purposefully designed the international trade system to create “global interdependence” – they use that term and admit it is exactly what it sounds like
  • The EU was designed to use the economic incentives of free trade, free movement and a single currency as a lure European nation-states into a centralized political union controlled by globalist bankers
  • In a modern Western country, third world immigration increases the trade deficit because third worlders consume more than they produce
  • Third world immigration decreases the overall wealth and productivity of a nation
  • The EU’s free movement pact sucks wealth out of the UK and transfers it to poor former communist countries
  • The three preceding bulltpoints are obfuscated by focus on GDP and exploiting the confusing nature of the overall situation in general
  • The EU was founded on a plan to replace the continent’s native population with Africans

So, this is all to say: in the long term, the EU provides very little to the UK. The only real argument is that they are the closest nation, so the easiest to import things like food and building materials from.

The UK’s foreign born population is rapidly increasing, however, which increases the need for these necessity imports.

In theory, no country should have more people than it is able to produce food for, meaning that the only imports should be consumer goods such as non-perishable household products, electronics and clothing, all of which tend to come from China, and then luxury products.

But Germany has put the world in a noose by dominating the manufacture of industrial machinery.

Most of the UK’s imports from Germany are in the form of machinery and automobiles, along with various industrial chemical products. The British public transport system and medical and construction industries rely heavily on German-made machinery. This is the case with most of the world, because the Germans happen to be very good at making industrial machinery.

Germany is not just going to cut off or overly tax Siemens exports to the UK as a punishment for Brexit, and if they do that the whole world is going to be angry because the whole world relies on German industrial machinery and if they start using that as leverage to take revenge on other countries that makes everyone nervous.

If you remove that particular element then, any “no deal” situation with the EU is just going to result in a need to shift things around. And the UK has the ultimate leverage of just up and mass deporting every “EU citizen” living in their country, which would probably collapse the entire European Union.

Furthermore, exiting the EU would enable the UK to also exit the suicide pact of third world immigration, which is the single biggest economic drain on any first world country (along with destroying its history, culture, identity and society in general).

None of this should be especially difficult to calculate.

Again, I don’t really have any serious knowledge in this field at all, and could figure out a way to do Brexit in a way that exclusively benefited the UK just by looking at basic datapoints.

There is all like some kind of Mexican standoff.

Where someone has to surrender and she is doing it because it’s the polite thing to do.

Point being: Theresa May is negotiating based on the foundational concept of globalism: that historically successful countries do not have any right to promote their own interests first, so somehow the EU is going to walk away BETTER OFF after Brexit.