Princess Syndrome Hajis Riot in Paris, Demand Better Accommodations

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 3, 2016

In Paris, “refugees” are rioting, demanding better accommodations

According to Ruptly, 200 of these Hajis gathered with a few White collaborators on the Place de la Republique on Wednesday and started attacking the cops.

None of the Hajis were arrested by these cuck cops, but a few were detained.

These fighting age men who have invaded the continent are not only violent, they are also each a little princess, and simply cannot tolerate anything less than the accommodations of a princess.

They didn’t leave their homes to go live in a strange, cold place on the other side of the planet to sleep in a dorm with no TV and eat rice. You tell them to do that, they’re going to straight burn down your bitch.