Professional Overwatch Player Kicked Off His Team for Racial and “Homophobic” Slurs

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
March 13, 2018

Like a lot of millennials who ended up becoming Nazis, I played a lot of first-person shooters as a teenager. Some of my favorites included Doom, Hexen, Unreal, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D and, of course, Ethnic Cleansing.

(J/k about Ethnic Cleansing, but I would have loved it if I knew it existed back then.)

Most of these old school FPS games featured multiplayer deathmatches, and if you took part in those matches during the mid- to late-1990s, you’d surely agree that uncensored “trashtalk” in the chatrooms was part and parcel of the experience.

If DarthRapist666 gibbed you with a rocket launcher in Quake, you called him exactly what he was: a faggot with an insatiable appetite for cock.

If Pu55Y_D3str0y3r fragged you with that overpowered flak cannon in Unreal Tournament, boy oh boy were you going to remind that nigger that his welfare check was in the mail.

No one gave a shit, no one whined about hurt feelings, and everyone had fun. It was an unapologetically heterosexual white male space.

But that was then.

Due to the increasingly toxic influence of Jews and feminism, the political climate has changed drastically since the 1990s. Indeed, we’ve now reached the point where professional gamers are being suspended and fined for posting mean words and memes on online streams.

Washington Post:

A star player in a landmark esports tournament left his team Sunday, days after he was accused of posting a racist meme on the Overwatch League’s official stream.

Félix “xQc” Lengyel’s removal from the Dallas Fuel follows a string of suspensions and fines against him and other pro Overwatch players, who have exhibited some of video gaming culture’s worst tendencies during the new league’s inaugural tournament.

The Overwatch League website provides a complete list of the suspended players:

As of Friday, March 9, the Overwatch League is taking the following disciplinary actions:

Timo “Taimou” Kettunen, of the Dallas Fuel, is fined $1,000 for using anti-gay slurs on his personal stream.

Tae-yeong “TaiRong” Kim, of the Houston Outlaws, has received a formal warning for posting an offensive meme on social media. After the incident, TaiRong issued an unprompted public apology, and made a donation to the Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation, actions which were taken into account when determining the judgment against him.

Ted “Silkthread” Wang, of the Los Angeles Valiant, is fined $1,000 for account sharing, a violation of the Blizzard End User License Agreement.

Félix “xQc” Lengyel, of the Dallas Fuel, is suspended for four matches, effective March 12, and fined $4,000. xQc repeatedly used an emote in a racially disparaging manner on the league’s stream and on social media, and used disparaging language against Overwatch League casters and fellow players on social media and on his personal stream. Previously, xQc has been warned, fined, and suspended for similar infractions.

It is unacceptable for members of the Overwatch League to use or distribute hateful, racist, or discriminatory speech or memes.

We are committed to building a community around the Overwatch League that is welcoming and inclusive for all players and fans, and we hope that these disciplinary actions demonstrate our seriousness in that endeavor.

What a joke.

If you watch videos of these Overwatch leagues on YouTube, you’ll discover that the participants are overwhelmingly white and East Asian men, just like in 99% of all other professional eSports.

In other words, the League is persecuting representatives of the majority to protect the feelings of the barely-existent minority.

How very… Jew-ish.

Fortunately, generation Z are not boomers. They’ve had multiculturalism and homosexualism – real multiculturalism and homosexualism, not idealized notions of them from the 1960s – stuffed down their throats since birth, and they’re getting sick of it. By acting in this draconian manner, the Overwatch League is simply making these kids more resentful of those poor “oppressed” groups and the “principles” they represent.

For that reason, let’s hope the suspensions and fines continue.