Prominent Moslem Propagandist Tariq Ramadan Accused of Rape

Diversity Macht Frei
October 20, 2017

Over the last few days, in response to the Harvey Weinstein scandal, the hashtag #balancetonporc has taken off in France. Balance ton porc means “Grass up your pig”, “Tell on your pig”. Women have been using it share stories about incidents of sexual harassment and rape.

One of these women is Henda Ayari, who wrote a book about how she escaped Salafism.

I chose to be free – Escapee of Salafism in France

On Facebook she accused Tariq Ramadan of having raped her.

I’m really going to need the support of my friends, because on revealing the name of my attacker, who is none other than Tariq Ramadan, I know the risks I am exposing myself to…

I’ve maintained silence for several years for fear of reprisals because when I threatened to file a complaint about the rape I had been the victim of, he didn’t hesitate to threaten me and also to tell me that they could take my children, I’m afraid and I have kept silence all this time.

All the same I spoke about it in my book, changing his name so as not to be sued for defamation, but today I can no longer keep this secret which is too heavy to bear, it’s time for me to tell the truth.

It’s very hard but I feel relieved, I also felt the need to speak for all the other victims, I really hope that other women who have been victims like me will dare to speak out and denounce this perverse guru who uses religion to manipulate women!

I know he will fall on me with his team of lawyers and his numerous supports, that’s why I’m going to really need you to support me! Because I am getting ready to go through a huge tempest but I don’t plan to be silent any more or to retreat in the name of all the female victims!

Tariq Ramadan is one of the most prominent Muslim propagandists in Europe, skilled in making a radical Islamic agenda seem reasonable by dressing it up in the language of the socially progressive left. He is one of the media’s favourite “Good Muslims”. Here he is a few months ago on the BBC.

I’ve decided to file a complaint against T Ramadan for what he made me endure! Even with few resources for my defence, I will go all the way to the end!