Prospective Harvard Students Lose Admission Offers for Posting “Offensive Memes” in Private Chat

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
June 7, 2017

Many potential Ivy League students will, at some point during the application process, realize that politics has become much more important to these institutions than intelligence or prior academic success.

You could have a 4.0 GPA, belong to an aristocratic bloodline and have an IQ that puts James Woods to shame, but if you’re on record for saying, “you know, I think only 5,999,999 Jews perished in the Holocaust,” then it’s game over, goy.

Sadly, 10 prospective Harvard students learned this truth the hard way after posting a bunch of non-kosher memes to a private Facebook chat.

The Guardian:

At least 10 students lost their chance to attend Harvard College after posting “obscene memes” to a private Facebook chat, the main Harvard student newspaper reported.

The memes included jokes about pedophilia, child abuse, sexual assault, and the Holocaust. One message referred to a Mexican youth being hanged as “piñata time”.

The memes were shared as part of a private Facebook chat where admitted students in the class of 2021 shared edgy jokes as part of a “just-because-we-got-into-Harvard-doesn’t-mean-we-can’t-have-fun kind of thing”, an admitted student told the Harvard Crimson.

So, these students, who I’m sure are all White, have had their academic ambitions dashed because associates of Harvard snooped on their private conversations.

I’d expect that sort of Big Brother activity in the UK or Germany, but America?

Of course, it all makes sense when we discover – much to our complete shock, I’m sure – that Jews are over-represented in all facets of Ivy League life, including the student body itself.

Image courtesy of Check out Duke’s article on the subject here.

Funnily enough, there is one Jew who isn’t too happy about this event.

At least two Harvard professors, however, questioned the decision to withdraw the offers. Alan Dershowitz, an emeritus professor at Harvard Law School, told the Guardian that losing admission to Harvard was a “draconian punishment” for “very bad taste jokes that students were sending to each other”.

“It sounds like Harvard is intruding too deeply into the private lives of students,” said Dershowitz, who has represented a series of high-profile clients, including OJ Simpson.

It’s interesting that Alan Dershowitz, who is buddies with Jeffrey Epstein and allegedly traveled on his Lolita Express, defended students who joked about pedophilia and child abuse.

It could be a coincidence, but I’m more inclined to believe it is a Cohencidence.

Call me hopelessly cynical, but I have suspicions that this turbo-kike’s intentions are less than pure at the best of times.

The Tab, a news site run by university students, published what it said were screenshots of the memes.

I’d love to see the political memes that those students posted. I’d bet at least 75 percent of them are Daily Stormer-tier.

Even the most successful, well-adjusted members of Generation Z are getting sick of the Semitically correct filth that surrounds them, and exchanging racially-charged memes is an effective way to rebel against that filth.

Though it remains unconfirmed, this strange cartoon, in which a Jew is pulled along by some kind of stereotypical badger, is believed to be one of the Facebook group’s favorite memes.

A member of the Facebook group chat, whose name was not included in the piece, told the Crimson that the Harvard applications committee emailed students who were part of the group in mid-April, asking them to submit a statement “to explain your contributions and actions for discussion with the Admissions Committee”.

A week after that, “at least ten” members of the group received letters rescinding their offers of admission to the class of 2021, the source told the Crimson.

The moral to this story (because all stories about students getting Jewed for being un-PC need to end with a moral lesson) is that revealing our power levels during college, even in supposedly “private” Facebook group chats, is never a good idea.

We need lawyers, accountants, academics, writers and other professionals on our side. But we won’t be allowed to even enter these fields, let alone graduate from them, if we have a recorded history of being pro-White.

We need to play it smart. Jews succeeded in controlling our societies because they infiltrated it from within and kept their long-term agenda to themselves.

Let’s do the same.

Don’t be like Matt Hale, who was denied his law license (despite passing the Bar Exam) because he publicly admitted he was becoming a lawyer to defend pro-White activists from unconstitutional charges.