PSA: When the Alt-Right Hits the Street, You Wanna be Ready

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 9, 2017

We are now at a magical point in history. All of the work we have done in these tubes is paying off, and the Alt-Right is ready to move off of the internet, into the real world (although to be clear, we won’t actually stop being on the internet).

The plan was always to build a real political movement. We now have the numbers to begin that process.

There is much to be written about this, and I plan to write much about it. Right now I just want to go over some basics.

What We are Trying to Do

We are trying to create a mass movement.

We want millions of people to agree with us. We want them to be ready to vote for us. We want them to be ready to stand on the streets next to us.

In order to do that, we have to market our ideas. If people were willing to accept these ideas without having them marketed to them, then they already would have accepted them. In fact, they never would have fell for Jewish tricks in the first place.

The core of marketing is aesthetic. We need to look appealing.

I have been somewhat successful in marketing ideas online, and I think I have a lot to offer in the way of advice to those ready to market these same ideas in real life.

Understanding the Demographic We are Targeting

The first thing we must do is understand who we are trying to appeal to.

Our target audience is white males between the ages of 10 and 30. I include children as young as ten, because an element of this is that we want to look like superheroes. We want to be something that boys fantasize about being a part of. That is a core element to this. I don’t include men over the age of 30, because after that point, you are largely fixed in your thinking. We will certainly reach some older men, but they should not be a focus.

We want kids lying to their parents and sneaking to our meetings. Then, we want parents sending kids to our meetings, because we keep them out of trouble. We keep their energies focused in a positive direction – staying off drugs, out of trouble and looking toward the future.

We want to hit the average. We want normal people. We will not get only normal people, but we want the abnormal people that we do get to be attracted to us because we can make them normal, not because they want to indulge in their own abnormality.

We do not need to market to people with high intelligence. People with high intelligence, if they are inclined to, will find us. They do not need to be marketed to.

We will not be marketing anything to women. The draw to women will be the men that we draw, because we have to be sexy.

In fact, that is priority number one, so let me say it again, italicized: we have to be sexy.

If you say, “but I don’t care about being sexy,” then I say to you: “I don’t care about what you care about, because all I care about is winning.”

We have to be hip and we have to be sexy.

This means we have to look good, we have to look dangerous, we have to have humor, we have to look powerful and we have to look like we are in control.

People who see us have to want to be us. That means you have to go to the gym.

The average white male is not rich and he isn’t poor. The average white male is severely disenfranchised, and does not feel he has a future. He is not hungry. This is not the 1930s, and we cannot market our ideas on economics. The situation today is that men are unemployed or underemployed or poorly employed, but we all have X-Boxes and smartphones.

The NEET is not far from the average. In fact, it is probably close enough to the center to be considered part of the average.

Who are We?

Many of us have student loans on degrees that are worthless.

Many of us fought in wars for Jews.

Many of us have struggled with substance abuse.

Many of us are out of shape.

We feel emasculated.

Many of us feel we have never had power.

We crave power.

We lust after power. We want to be part of a group, which will give us power. A group that will confirm our worth as men.

We do not have identities.

We want identities.

We want to be productive. All men want to be productive. We want to build, we want to create, we want to be needed.

We have problems with women. All of us do. We lie to each other and claim that we do not. But we all do.

We are a generation of throwaways, which (((those who write history before it happens))) have slated to be the last generation of Heterosexual White Men.

We are angry.

There is a atavistic rage in us, deep in us, that is ready to boil over.

There is a craving to return to an age of violence.

We want a war.

Selling Us to Ourselves

Everyone I have met personally who is a member of the Alt-Right was more or less normal. I am also connected on some level with most of the main leaders and content creators in the movement. Pretty much, they’re normal.

They have problems. I have problems.

Here’s the thing though: everyone else does to.

So we are selling ourselves to ourselves. The men who we want to join us are like us. We need nothing other than to become something that would appeal to us.

But we have to be aware that we are selling something. We cannot just expect that the power of our ideas will sell itself. If ideas sold themselves, then we wouldn’t be in this situation. The Jews sold our parents and grandparents very, very bad ideas. And they bought them because they were well packaged.

People in the Alt-Right who preach a hardcore message will often refer to those wishing to moderate the message as “PR cucks.” That is to say, people who say things like, “oh, if you talk about the Jews too much, people will shut off, so we have to keep the JQ talk to a minimum” are ostensibly more worried about PR (public relations) than they are about the message.


Public relations (PR) is the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization (such as a business, government agency, or a nonprofit organization) and the public.

I do not think the people arguing for a moderation of the message are actually PR cucks. I don’t think that is an appropriate term. I think these people are either stupid, uninformed, shills or some combination of those things.

Because the hardcore message is what sells. That is what the target demographic wants. So if you are trying to soften that message, you are not doing it for PR reasons, unless you have no ability to analyze data or have for some reason not seen the data. The only reason that people who cuck have a wider reach is that the scales are tipped against us, in the extreme.

Even with all of my funding cut off, I have managed to build a site that is larger than any other Alt-Right website. There are Alt-Right websites that cuck on the Jewish issue and other issues that can receive PayPal and credit card donations and do six-figure donation drives multiple times per year (while collecting donations all year around) who cannot get 5% of the traffic of the Daily Stormer.

Having thought about this recently, I believe that I am the biggest PR obsessive of anyone in this movement. I have obsessively examined and reexamined how best to package the information that I am attempting to spread to the public.

As the regular reader of the site is aware, much of this packaging includes humor, very often crude and/or absurd humor.

This is mixed with more serious materials.

All of it is thought through. I have also engaged in compulsive experimentation and a form of poor man’s A/B testing, writing articles on similar topics in different styles, with varying types of headlines, language, etc. to see which got the most shares, the most clicks, the most positive responses.

Beyond doing my own A/B testing, I have also factored in data from what others have done. Virtually all of this has been what not to do, save for the work of TRS, which I have learned a lot from, and borrowed memes and technique from accordingly. Red Ice also does an excellent job, for the record (though there isn’t much there for me to borrow, the slick and stylized nature of it is very much worth taking note of).

Virtually every other attempt at pro-White media that I have witnessed has taught me what not to do.

What I have ultimately been able to do is create the most read pro-White publication in history, by understanding my demographic and then figuring out how best to sell them my ideas.

White Nationalism from 1967 to 2014: Examples of the Opposite of What You Want to Do

I have written before that I did not have any background in any form of White Nationalist movement before I started my pro-White blog, Total Fascism, in 2011. In fact, at that time, I had just very recently converted myself to a White Nationalist belief system, mainly on 4chan’s /new/ (now /pol/) and through reading actual fascist and racialist literature from the 1920s and 30s. I was not influenced at all by contemporary White Nationalist materials. I only went back and listened to Pierce years later, and by that time most or all of what he was saying was stuff I had gleaned on my own.

After having started the blog, many people from the WN sphere contacted me, and I briefly tried to work with them. What I found was that there was almost no seriousness, or what I would consider to be seriousness, there at all. The only highly active person I found to be serious was David Duke. People either did not have an agenda or did not care about working toward that agenda. What I found was that people were using what was ostensibly political activism as a hobby.

Obviously not all of the people were like this, but it was clearly the dominant culture. I believe that those who were serious people either quit out of rage or were run-out of that culture. I decided to do something on my own, totally separate from this.

I don’t want to insult these people, as I am sure some were genuine and good people and many are with us now. But we do need to analyze it without trying to protect anyone’s feelings.

At some point, I am going to give a full analysis of all that we can learn from what was the White Nationalist movement between the assassination of George Lincoln Rockwell in 1967 and the beginnings of the Alt-Right in 2014. But Right now, on the real life activism front, I will just run down a few point.

Do Not Play Dress-Up

Believe it or not, many of these groups in the 90s were actually dressing up in Nazi uniforms. Non-ironically. This is absolutely absurd, and can hardly be looked at as anything other than a game being played, or some type of intelligence agency psy-op.

These people also dressed up in KKK outfits and other strange costumes.

We need to not do this at all, ever.

Don’t Form Religious Cults

One thing that stands out about the bizarre White Nationalist movements of the 80s, 90s and 00s is the amount of religious cults. It seems that everyone just assumed that in order to have a political movement, you had to have a corresponding religious cult.

I have no idea where this thinking came from, but it is a bad idea. Do not create a religious cult as a vehicle for your political ideology.

Along with not creating a religious cult, one should also not be overtly hostile toward mainstream religion. That serves zero purpose, and not only alienates all religious people, but also alienates the majority of non-religious people who do not think it is normal to attack these traditions. A policy should be in place that religion is a personal issue, for people to deal with as individuals.

Don’t be Associated with Criminality

Many of these movements were directly linked with criminal gangs. This is a bad look. It does not sell and people are afraid of it.

It is also just dumb.

Don’t Isolate Yourself from Mainstream Culture

There was a culture in the old WN which sought to completely isolate itself from the mainstream culture. I understand that they viewed it as corrupt, and it surely is corrupt, but this is bad marketing.

In order to be successful, you need to be able to connect to the culture at large, directly, and that might involve getting your hands dirty.

The only people who want to join something that is totally alien to them are weird people, as a rule. Unless they are doing it because they understand the ideology on an intellectual level, and again, those people do not need marketed to.

Offer Something to the People You are Targeting

This is fundamental: you have to be offering something to the people you are trying to market to.

Ostensibly, the old WN message was: “you have a duty to join us and sacrifice to protect your race.”

That is horrible marketing.

You have to have to have what you are offering people front and center. Every successful political movement has done this.

And we do have plenty of things to offer. What resonates the most, in my experience, is issues surrounding the displacement and disenfranchisement of the white male which has taken place as a result of feminism. That is a gateway to all of this, much more than the race issue. So anti-feminism, anti-homosexuality, and the preservation of male identity and the man’s role in society should always be a core focus of the brand.

Don’t let Women Rule Over You

At several of the various 90s rallies I’ve seen footage of, they made a point to let women get up on stage and speak. Once again, I wasn’t there, so I don’t know, but I have seen that the culture of the old movement was very pro-feminist.

That is a bad look. Men are sick of having things explained to them by women. It is a turnoff. And it is useless. What does a woman have to offer you intellectually? Motivationally? Morally?

Absolutely nothing.

We need to keep women on the sidelines. Not speaking, not leading, and with no official membership in anything.

The Good

The only good I have seen in these old movements – and I will say again, I wasn’t there, this is all analysis afterward of what I am able to glean from records – is various aspects of the skinhead movement.

I refer to the political/cultural movement, not the prison gang movement.

The skinheads adopted aspects of the popular culture of the time, rather than trying to isolate themselves from it, and also gave off a hip and sexy vibe, while also projecting strength and power. Or at least consciously tried to do that.

Obviously, what was hip and sexy in the 80s and 90s isn’t now, so I don’t think we need to explore reviving skinhead punk music, but I will say that there are things to be learned from the skinheads.

Part of the problem there was the inability to separate, in the minds of the public, the skinhead prison gangs from the skinhead political movement. This wasn’t helped by the fact that there actually was some overlap between the two.

No Resemblance

I feel very, very strongly that the Alt-Right’s real life street aesthetic should bear no resemblance, whatsoever, to that of previous WN movements.

There is so much baggage attached to all of this, it is all very stale, and it never sold in the 80s, 90s or 00s, so there is zero reason to believe that it will sell now.

There are people still trying to use this now, and you likely have never heard of them. Because they get zero traction.

However, I have a very real fear that the media will try to attach us to all of this baggage, so we need to be very aware of that, and make sure it doesn’t happen. If there are people who insist on trying to force meme this dead aesthetic, I think they should be banned from events.

Sadly, none of that stuff is cool. And we simply must be cool. The importance of that really does need to be drilled into people’s heads.

“Neo-Nazi White Supremacy” is fun on the internet, when you’re making  fun of the media and the Jews. But you can’t have an ironic real life movement. You could ironically dress-up in Nazi uniform for some event, and that could be fun, but before you get into anything like that, you want to have a good idea of who and what you are.

Real Life Isn’t the Internet

We have worked out a very good aesthetic for the interent. However, that isn’t going to translate directly to real life.

That means that Pepe banners are a non-starter. This is cringe. We do not want that.

Anything to do with trying to incorporate internet memes into a real life aesthetic – beyond funny t-shirts – is a bad idea.

The real life aesthetic needs to be complementary to the internet aesthetic, and come from the same spirit, but trying to use internet memes as a basis for a street movement is silly.

Again – and let me italicize this – you can’t have an ironic real life political movement.

Dress for Success

The clothes we wear are important.

We want to look slick and sexy.

We don’t want to go for punkish. As I said, the skinhead movement was cool at the time, but times have changed.

On the other hand, a lot of people don’t feel comfortable in a suit and tie. Even most middle class young people have only worn these at weddings and funerals. So we should not make it a regular thing to present ourselves that way. For leaders and speakers, it is natural, but scenes where entire groups are wearing suits are not going to be especially appealing to normal people. While a leader in a suit looks like a leader to the average man, a group of men in suits looks like an elitist club.

We should go for something in the middle.

I’m going to give my own uniform details to our Stormer Book Clubs in the near future.

But I’ll just give some basic recommendations and comments here.

Keep It Fitted

The worst look ever is a baggy t-shirt. Wear fitted t-shirts, where the sleeve goes to the middle of your bicep. It should not hang lower than base of your member.

White button-up should also be fitted.

(That’s a dressing room photo. Not a big selfie guy. It obviously hasn’t been ironed. But you get the point.)

Jean should also be fitted. Not tight, just fitted. In the photo those are actually shorts – I would not wear pants that loose-fitting. And that’s another thing: don’t ever wear shorts. Serious men in serious situations are not wearing shorts.

Americans have an obsession with this baggy stuff, and it always looks bad. No matter what, it looks bad. Even if everyone else is doing it.

Rallies Need Uniforms

There is going to need to be a dress code for rallies.

At some point, at these rallies, uniformity is going to be important. It just makes everything feel more serious. Different groups can wear different uniforms. This looks fine. But uniforms for participants need to be a thing, sooner rather than later. Casual attendees/supporters shouldn’t be required to wear them, of course, but if you are at a rally as a member of a group, you should look like you are a member of a group.

Golden Dawn’s black t-shirts and military fatigues look good for a certain type of rally.

Though they’ve struggled with keeping uniformity of dress.

Nordic Resistance Movement looks fantastic. Better than anyone else in the world. A very good model (though I wouldn’t copy it exactly in America; the ties and pins are general uber-cleanliness of it is very Scandinavian).

The Identity Europa look with the kakhis and white polo isn’t what I would choose, but it’s in the realm.

Personally, I think they should be encouraging people to get clothes that are more fitted. I feel strongly on this point.

Right now, when you type “Alt-Right rally” into Google Images, this is the first image.

That is not what we want.

I don’t know anything about that particular group – I’m not trying to insult them, and they can do their thing, it’s a free country – but I know that this is not the image we want for our street movement. It doesn’t represent us and it is not an aesthetic that appeals to the kind of people we are trying to appeal to, which are normal people.

Be in Good Shape

Fat people should be allowed to join groups and be involved in rallies, but we need to create a culture where we don’t necessarily shame people, but do look at them and expect them to get it together. We should help people get it together. I’m working on my biggest diet guide ever, which I think will help the overweight and skinny alike, even if they’ve minimal time for exercise.

Continued obesity should not be tolerated.

Surely, a lot of our target demographic is going to be out of shape, which is why we need a culture of fitness. People should go to the gym together. Help each other with diet.

Do not look scraggly. I won’t tell you how to cut your hair, but I do believe men’s hair looks better short, and beards look better well-trimmed.

Look good.

It is very important to look good.

We must have Chad Nationalism. That is what will make guys want to join us, that is what will make girls want to be our groupies. That will make us look like bad boys and heroes. That is what we are going for here.

I cannot stress the point hard enough – I’m hitting italics again – we need to be extremely conscious of what we look like, and how we present ourselves. That matters more than our ideas. If that is sad to you, I’m sorry, but that is just human nature. If people see a bunch of mismatched overweight slobs, they are not going to care what they are saying.

Have Fun

The most important thing is that this needs to be fun.

People need to be enjoying themselves, and they need to make it clear that they are enjoying themselves.

We are fighting a war. But what is the point of fighting it, if we can’t enjoy it?

That will be the biggest draw for people and the biggest problem for the establishment. If we make it clear that we are having a good time. That we are in control. That we are not worried. That we have already won, because victory was written in the stars before any of us were even born.

People should be excited to go to events, they should be excited to meet up with each other. It should be the highlight of their lives, not something that they feel obligated to do.

This is all deadly serious. We are facing the end of existence. And we need to take it seriously. But seriousness and fun and not mutually exclusive.

And here’s the thing: We cannot win unless it’s fun. Because we’re not going to have the energy to fight this thing until the end unless we love the fight.

Embrace  it.

Love it.

Be ready to die for it.

We are earth’s last hope.

Our ancestors – all of them – are looking down on us right now and smiling.

They are counting on us, a generation of men who were thrown away, to make sure that the Aryan race, this ancient life form that we are all a part of through our shared DNA, does not die before it has a chance to become what it was meant to be.

Hail Victory.