Puerto Rican Sea Apes Admit to Lying About the Hurricane Death Toll – 1,427, Not 64

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 9, 2018

We have to jetsam these sea apes.

We get exactly zero benefits from keeping this “territory” as part of our nation. We need to force them into national independence.

Who would lie about this in the first place? Presumably to hide the level of incompetence?

Or are they lying about it now to gain more sympathy shekels?

I do not know or care – this is a them problem. Not an us problem.

ABC News:

Puerto Rico is now estimating that Hurricane Maria killed more than 1,400 people, far more than the official death toll of 64, in a report to Congress seeking billions to help the island recover from the devastating storm.

The government, relying on updated statistics it first reported in June, said there were 1,427 more deaths from September to December 2017 than the average for the same time period over the previous four years.

In a report to Congress detailing a $139 billion reconstruction plan, the territory’s government said that the additional deaths resulted from the effects of a storm that led to a “cascading failures” in infrastructure across the island of 3.3 million people.

I went ahead and did that math for you, pal.

That’s $42,121 per sea ape, buddy.

Hurricane Maria, as well as Hurricane Irma two weeks later, knocked out power and water to the island and caused widespread flooding that left many sick and elderly people unable to get medical treatment.

“The hurricanes’ devastating effects on people’s health and safety cannot be overstated,” the government said in the report seeking assistance from Congress to help rebuild an island that was already struggling from a deep economic crisis at the time of the storm.

In the weeks after the storm, Puerto Rican officials said the storm directly caused 64 deaths, many in landslides or flooding. But they have long publicly said that far more people died due to indirect effects of the powerful storm.

The more exact number has been a matter of debate and the government itself released the 1,427 count in June. But it said it would wait to update its official tally until receiving a report it commissioned from George Washington University. That report is due in coming weeks.

The use of the higher death toll in the report to Congress was first reported Thursday by The New York Times.

These same hurricanes hit Florida.

They did not have these issues.

They just evacuated, fixed their shit, moved on with life.

We do not need to spend $139 billion dollars on these stinking sea apes who offer NOTHING to our country.

There is a very easy solution here: tell them we’re so very, very sorry that we turned them into a colony, and tell them it is now time that we made up for this great historical injustice by giving them status as independent nation.

This weird shit has absolutely nothing to do with us.

They want to become a state – that is how bad colonialism was/is. They don’t want to escape it, they want to further integrate with their colonizers.

We need to decolonize.

Set them free to define their own wet destiny.