Putin Asks Ninja Master Steven Seagal to Begin Exterminating US Jews to Prevent War

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
August 5, 2018

I personally would have picked Mel Gibson. But I’ll take Seagal any day.

Okay, so the US-Russia relationship isn’t doing too well, in spite of Trump’s best efforts. We all know the reason for that.


So it’s quite reassuring that Putin, when choosing a man to give critical help in mending our national relationship, didn’t pick some random diplomat, but instead someone who is better known for his ability and inclination to engage in acts of extreme violence.

This is exactly the right approach when dealing with anti-Russian kikes.

And thus Putin, in his wisdom, is unleashing Steven Seagal on America’s Russia-hating population – may God have mercy on their souls.


Russia’s Foreign Ministry has made U.S. actor Steven Seagal its special representative for Russian-U.S. humanitarian ties. The role is meant to deepen cultural, art, and youth ties between the two countries.

Russian president Vladimir Putin gave Seagal, 66, a Russian passport in 2016. Putin said he hoped his appointment as a special representative would serve as a symbol of improving ties between Moscow and Washington, Reuters reported on Saturday.

Well, that’s obviously the cover story.

Americans already like Russia, being the only other strong, conservative, White and Christian nation in the world.

The real purpose of Russia’s envoy is obviously to deal with the real obstacle to normalizing US-Russia ties.

The Jews know – shut them down!

Since 2016, relations between U.S. and Russia have chilled, with U.S. intelligence agencies accusing Moscow of interfering with the 2016 election.

The Russian Foreign Ministry compared Seagal’s new role to a U.N. goodwill ambassador. In a statement released on their official Facebook page on Saturday, the Ministry said the position was “socio-political” and the actor would receive no monetary reward. Seagal sometimes appears on Russian state TV to discuss his career and his views.

Seagal engaging in “socio-political” activism.

“It’s a case of people’s diplomacy intersecting with traditional diplomacy,” the ministry is reported saying by Reuters.

Russian television station RT, which is backed by the country’s government, reported Seagal as saying, “I’ve always had a very strong desire to do all I can to help improve Russian-American relations. I have worked tirelessly in this direction for many years unofficially and I am now very grateful for the opportunity to do the same thing officially.”

Seagal and Putin are close friends, according to CNN. Seagal attended Putin’s swearing-in ceremony in May where he was sworn is as President for another six years.

Dis nigga been wagin a ninja-type campaign against Jews for “many years” unofficially.

The Jew’s assassins have so far been unable to stop him.

Hardcore af.

We can only hope that Steven Seagal’s state-sanctioned campaign of terror against the enemies of America ends in success soon, as it might be the only thing standing in the way of all out war against Russia.

God speed, Mr. Seagal.