Putin Endorses Europe’s Plan for an Army – Trump Should Do the Same! End NATO!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 12, 2018

This is perfect.

If Europe builds an army, there is even less reason for NATO to exist than there already is presently.


Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday it made sense for a powerful economic bloc like the European Union to want to defend itself militarily.

The comments came after U.S. President Donald Trump fired off a tweet as he arrived in Paris on Friday in which he described a call by French President Emmanuel Macron for a European army as “very insulting”.

“Europe is a powerful economic entity, a powerful economic union and it is quite natural that it wants to be independent, self-sufficient and sovereign in matters of defense and security,” Putin told RT television.

Trump had taken a dim view of comments Macron made in a Europe 1 radio interview this week in which he appeared to cast the United States as a threat.

Discussing the growing danger from cyber-hacking, outside meddling in electoral processes and the U.S. decision to withdraw from a missile treaty, Macron said Europe needed to protect against China, Russia “and even the United States”.


NATO is the absolute worst example of a “foreign entanglement” that the Found Fathers warned of.

We are currently committed to use the entire might of the American military to defend border wars in some of the most irrelevant countries on the entire planet.

Look at the NATO map:

Do you want to die because FYROM invades Albania? Or because Estonia provokes a border skirmish with Russia? Do you want the whole world to get nuked over something like that?

This is deranged lunacy.

It was bad enough during the cold war. If during the cold war we were going to occupy Europe, we should have done it with the American military and forced the states we were protecting to have local legions that served the American military. Making NATO an “independent entity” that we paid for was idiotic.

Now, post-war, no one can even explain why it still exists. No one actually believes that Russia is going to invade Europe. So the obvious reason that it exists is for America and Europe (meaning “Jews,” in this context) to threaten Russia. It goes without saying that the people of America and Europe do not benefit from these threats being lodged at Russia. Putting American missiles in Romania can only serve the purpose of attempting to bully Russia into joining the new world order system that is currently destroying the West.

Jews want Russia to do mass Islamic immigration, feminism, mandatory anal sex training for little boys, etc. They want them to surrender political, economic and military sovereignty to the system.

That is the sole reason NATO still exists.

If Macron raises a European army, NATO cannot exist anymore. It will make absolutely zero sense for us to be paying for military protection for a continent that is currently building a military to fight us – and yes, when announcing his plan to build a European army, Macron said that it could be used to fight America.

Trump noted that he had said this.

Then the Jewish media said that it was offensive and “so misleading” for Trump to say that Macron said this.

I think this is enough of a reason to pull NATO now.

Pull all the US troops out of Germany and Eastern Europe. Bring them all home, every last one, and cut all of these “gibsmedat” programs for europoor leeches.

Weirdass faggots put the moon on their flag and want us to give them trillions upon trillions of free money because of their goofy nightmares about Putin raising the red flag and marching in to take away their hajis and trannies.

If the nightmare is real and Russia invades Estonia, who gives a shit? I certainly do not. Estonians should be happy that Putin won’t flood them with Moslems and force them to teach their 5-year-old sons how to get fucked in the ass like the EU is going to do.

But before we can even talk about pulling NATO, we have to get rid of a certain Mad Pitt Bull.

This tranny-obsessed sicko has gone far enough.

Get him the hell out, Trump. Fire him on Twitter.

The jig is up. We’re doing America first. Not France and Estonia first. And certainly not trannies first.