Putin: “I Hate That Skripal Sonofabitch and I DID IT, ME! I Killed Him! Mwhahahahahah!”

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 4, 2018

Putin hates traitors almost as much as Trump hates undercooked steak.

Jokes aside, he did come out pretty strong about this Skripal fellow. Who, if you don’t know, is at the center of the UK Salisbury poisoning hoax thing.


In a rare personal comment on the Sergei Skripal scandal, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin lambasted the former double agent as a “traitor” and a “scum.” The faster the media noise around Skripal ends, the better, Putin said.

Some media outlets are “pushing through a theory that Mr Skripal is some sort of a rights activist. He’s plainly a spy. A traitor to his homeland. There’s such a thing – being a traitor to the homeland. He is one,” Putin said on Wednesday, speaking at the Russian Energy Week International Forum in Moscow.

“Imagine, if there’s a person in your country who betrayed it. How would you treat him?” Putin added. “He’s plainly scum.” 

Probably not worth saying that to the media though, right big guy?

I think Putin’s personal bias came out a bit here. The man doesn’t like traitors, that much is clear. Loyalty seems to be big for him.

Which is unironically the attitude Russia needs to be fair. I’m talking Godfather-style attitude applied to the whole country.

The homeland is not for sale! Don’t ever go against the homeland! You can never leave! – that sort of thing.

But at the same time, they’re saying in their media that they didn’t poison the guy. The Russians that is.

Which is kind of funny. Like, Putin is saying, “I didn’t kill the guy, officer, but I hate him and I’m glad he’s dead!”

Probably true, but also probably not worth saying unless in a film noir setting to confuse the audience and make for a more suspenseful final reveal.

They really gotta figure out their narrative on the whole Skripal thing.

Is it a distraction from the looming Brexit betrayal? Creating an external threat to shore up a disintegrating society? A cover-up op of a MI5 plot gone wrong? A rogue oligarch?

Or did they do it and did it to send a message to all other potential defectors – this is what happens when you cross the family!

It’s a confusing message that they’re putting out there.

Needs to be focused and refined.

All of this would make for a great spy thriller though.

The plot is simple: the FSB is being blamed for an assassination. The main character is investigating the killings, after having been given special instructions by the British government to find proof of FSB involvement. Bit by bit though, things aren’t adding up. The detective is having doubts. He hates his bosses, and the British government, but he loyally soldiers on, not even sure why.

He tracks down a Russian runaway suspect through the dystopian cyberpunk globo-corpo hellscape of London.

*chase scene*

This soundtrack plays in the background.

After cornering the suspect in a dimly lit alley in the festering immigrant quarter, he starts demanding answers.

“NO! NO! It eezent me! I do not knowing vat is hepening! They treek me! Set me ahp!”

“Wha-what you tolking about, innit m8!?” the detective demands and keeps the gun pointed at the fugitive Russian.

“I deed not keel heem! It was ah, ah, I cannot say more!”

“START TOLKING!” the detective demands and presses the gun to his scalp.

Soon he finds out that the FSB was there at the crime scene, but because they were there for a spy swap or something. The UK government was planning on handing over the Russian spy, quietly.

But the spy got wind of this, and he hired an oligarch exile living in London to kill the FSB agents. Now the world teeters on the verge of war, because the Russians think the British lured their people into an ambush.

Retaliation killings have begun.

The Russian he thought was a suspect turns out to be a patsy (at least, so he suspects… shhhh, there’s a twist within the twist!) and he decides to help the detective avert a war by tracking down the oligarch who helped the spy, who is now holding said spy hostage and who has his own plans for the spy, and for the British government…

Just brainstorming here. 

CHUCK! You lazy sonofabitch. If you’re not going to donate, you could at least teach me how to git gud at book-level writing. Mentor me instead of getting high with that meat-head Joe Rogan.

And if I can come up with a convincing narrative that’s intriguing and fun, why can’t the Russians???

They should hire me and Chuck to work for them. We’d write the best propaganda together, I just know it.