Putin Phones Trump, Thanks Him for Assistance Foiling Terrorist Attack in Russia

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
December 18, 2017

It’s gonna happen sooner or later.

This is exactly as things should be. America and Russia cooperating to crack down on Moslem terrorists as a unified front. Not this nonsense confrontation that Jews and leftists are promoting.

You can be sure that if Hillary had been elected, we would have kept the intel for ourselves and Russians would have been killed in the attack.

Hopefully this is a step on the path to reconciliation between Russia and America.

Washington Post:

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday phoned President Trump to thank him for a tip from the CIA that thwarted a terrorist attack being planned in St. Petersburg, the Kremlin said.

The unusual call — countries share intelligence all the time, but presidents rarely publicly thank one another about it — was confirmed by White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Putin told Trump that the information provided by the CIA allowed Russian law enforcement agencies to track down and detain a group of suspects who were planning to bomb the centrally located Kazan Cathedral and other crowded parts of Russia’s second-largest city.

Having this destroyed would have been quite the blow.

What the hell are these hajis doing targeting Christian cathedrals instead of attacking the Jews who stole their lands?

Are they stupid, cowardly, or both?

The Jew is laughing in your face, Muhammed, and all you do is whine. It’s time to take action.

Putin asked Trump to pass along his gratitude to the CIA and the American intelligence agents who received the information, the Kremlin said. It said Putin also told Trump that “if Russian special services obtain any information on terrorist threats against the United States and its citizens, they will definitely and immediately pass it to American counterparts through partner channels.”

Yes, this is exactly the kind of cooperation we need.

If Russia and America team up, nothing can stop us. We can stamp out these Jihadis in a week.

It was the two presidents’ second conversation since Thursday, when they spoke after Putin’s annual four-hour televised news conference, during which the Russian leader mentioned the booming U.S. stock market as an example of Trump’s successes. The White House said Trump thanked Putin for remarks he made “acknowledging America’s strong economic performance.”

Putin said he doubted Trump would be able to improve relations between their two countries because the U.S. president was being held back by his political opposition and allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election were being invented to raise doubts about Trump’s legitimacy.

The Russians know very well about the internal political game at play here. They understand that a true alliance won’t be possible until Trump wrestles control of the state away from the Jews and his other enemies.

But the time for that is coming. The people plotting to undermine the Trump regime are exposing their misdeeds to the public more and more, and popular anger is rising. The opportunity for a good swamp-draining is fast approaching.