Putin: Replace Bureaucracy with Artificial Intelligence

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 10, 2019

I’ve been pro-Skynet for years now.

Nice to see Putin finally coming around.


Artificial Intelligence could help reduce red tape and make public administration more transparent and effective, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, noting that regulations to protect human privacy from AI are needed too.

He shared his vision of how AI can become handy for the government at a conference in Moscow called ‘Artificial Intelligence Journey’, which brought together 5,000 people, including representatives of over 1,000 companies working in the AI sphere.

AI technologies make it possible to get rid of the inertia and sluggishness of the bureaucratic machine to radically increase the transparency and efficiency of the administrative procedures,” he said, adding that it could allow people to see “what the authorities are doing and what they are motivated by when taking certain decisions.”

Russia’s red tape – and vast army of state and regional bureaucrats – have been quite an issue for the country for decades. The situation seems to have improved recently, as citizen-state interactions are done through computers more often.

For AI to be more efficient, Putin said, it has to have wider access to various data – but there’s a fine line between that and privacy rights, which must be protected.

Noting that the “unnecessary hurdles” impeding the development of AI must be lifted, Putin said this should not be allowed to chip away at people’s rights or interests.

It’s funny they call Putin a dictator when he’s the only one talking about privacy, while the US justifies NSA illegal mass spying.

Of course, the Western media would just say “oh Putin doesn’t really care about privacy, he’s just pretending.”

Obviously, no one has the ability to know either way whether he cares about privacy. What we do know is that he says he cares about it, while Western leaders justify mass electronic data collection.

Probably, any sort of robotic technocracy run by supercomputers is incompatible with privacy, more or less completely. But I think it would probably be worth it to get rid of the corruption in government. And anyway, they’re already spying on us, so what difference does it make? Let the robots take over and make things run correctly.

Of course, that will never be allowed in the West.