Putin Says Niggas Probably Shouldn’t Just Keep Nagging Kim Jong-Un

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 16, 2017

Vladimir Putin: always the only adult in the room.

North Korea’s latest ballistic missile test’s prompted a chorus of condemnation from around the globe. Pyongyang claims a new type of rocket was successfully fired – which can carry a large nuclear warhead. The Russian President Vladimir Putin has also addressed the latest missile launch by North Korea.

Seriously, they keep saying this guy is insane and threatening everyone, but they just don’t report on what South Korea is doing to him.

Speaking of #JustGookThings, Japan would do well to work out a deal where South Korea got nuked and they didn’t.

Basically, South Korea has stolen all of their markets.

Samsung and LG have beat the hell out of Sony – when was the last time you saw a Sony phone, TV or monitor? I mean, stores don’t really even sell them anymore.

And the car market is going the same way. Not as extreme, but definitely same direction. And the electronics switch-over happened fast.

Meanwhile Sony pictures is making things like Ghost Busters. They effectively had to put Spider-Man into indentured servitude to Disney.

K-Pop has completely buried J-Pop. I don’t even listen to J-Pop anymore.

Japan, once the leader in electronics, cheap cars and pop music, is going to end up making nothing but anime and 125cc motorcycles for South East Asia if they don’t ally with North Korea to destroy South Korea.

They literally have no choice.