Q: When Does a ✡️ Journalist Being Murdered Not Matter? A: When the Perp is 👨🏿.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 22, 2018

I’m pretty sure I didn’t know about this.

It certainly isn’t getting the news cycle that Jamal Khasoggi is getting. Or the news cycle Trump is getting for praising a Congressman who kikeslammed a journalist.

In fact, it appears to only be reported in local news and on Jewish news sites.

Local news is reporting it as a hate crime against a white man (which is probably what it was – most black people do not know what Jews are).

New Jersey 101.5:

Jerry Wolkowitz, a freelance photographer who prosecutors say was brutally beaten and assaulted because of his race, has died six months after the attack in the parking lot of his apartment.

Jamil S. Hubbard, 25, of Sayreville, approached 55-year-old Jerry Wolkowitz and hit him from behind on May 1, according to Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni.

He had been hospitalized in a vegetative state ever since the attack, according to a GoFundMe page created to help with his medical expenses. The Asbury Park Press reported his death on Thursday. Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office spokesman Chris Swendeman said his body had been brought to the Middlesex County Medical Examiner for a postmortem exam.

Wolkowitz was hit on his head and his face before being dragged into the parking lot of an apartment building on Harding Road, Gramiccioni said. Hubbard then stole Wolkowitz’s car and drove over him, prosecutors say. Police said they found the car at Hubbard’s home in Sayreville.

“The investigation determined that the defendant targeted the victim because of his race,” Swendeman said at the time, adding that Hubbard, who is black, and Wolkowitz, who is white, did not know each other.

Hubbard was charged with first-degree attempted murder, third-degree possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and first-degree bias intimidation. He remains in custody. Swendeman would not disclose if new charges would be brought.

The Jewish news added that he was a son of “Holocaust survivors.”

Yeshiva World:

Jerry Wolkowitz, a longtime EMT, photojournalist and son of Jewish Holocaust survivors who was the victim of a vicious racially-motivated attack, has died at age 56 after nearly six months on life support.

This is a great reminder that the Jewish media lies by omission as much as they lie by normal lie.

It is also a reminder that Jews are willing to let their own people die in order to push their agenda – or at least that they are able to keep quiet about their own people dying to push their agenda.

This could very easily have been a major news story about the child of Holocaust survivors being beaten to death, and the horrible threat to journalists and Jews generally. But they’re not going to report on an anti-white hate crime in the mainstream nation media ever, no matter what.

And presumably, the police figured out that the black thought the guy was white. If they found that he knew he was Jewish, they would have reported on it. Because anti-Semitism does Trump protection of blacks, as we recently saw with the New York Hasidic Jew being attacked by a black man.