R U I N A T I O N: Emperor Trump Threatens to DESTROY Failing Canada!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 8, 2018

You wanna play a game, Baby Justin?

Let’s play a fucking game, brah.

We like games.

We will bury you.

The Star:

Returning to his bellicose trade rhetoric, U.S. President Donald Trump warned Friday that he would cause the “ruination” of Canada if he imposed tariffs on Canadian-made cars.


Trump issued the threat during another day of North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations that did not produce a deal between the U.S. and Canada. Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland continued to describe the talks as constructive but provided no details.

Trump has repeatedly threatened to hit Canada with the auto tariffs if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refused to make NAFTA concessions. He had never before spoken about ruining Canada, but it was not clear if the rhetorical escalation was a deliberate, meaningful shift or merely impromptu loose talk.

Trump began discussing Canada on his way to a Republican fundraising event in North Dakota. He told reporters on Air Force One: “Canada has been ripping us off for a long time. Now, they’ve got to treat us fairly.”

Yeah, no shit.

This doesn’t need to just be about equalizing and “making things fair.”

The nation of Canada needs to be punished. We need punitive measures against the Canadian government and each individual Canadian citizen. We need to drive them into poverty and cannibalism.

There is no way we can ever get back what they’ve stolen from us.

This needs to be about revenge.

We need to make these leafs beg us to send in the Brotherhood of Steel to clean up their wastelands.