Rabbi at Tree of Life Cut a Jew-Baby’s Penis Off in 2013

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 28, 2018

As a vicious anti-Semite who knows more about Judaism than most Jews, it was funny yesterday after the shooting to watch the media mention that the shooter had interrupted a Bris Milah ceremony – and then quickly stop mentioning that fact.

No doubt that there was some Jew producer in the background screaming to shut that down.

You see, Bris Milah is a circumcision ceremony, done in the traditional manner, where the rabbi sucks the babies penis after cutting a third of it off.

The media from then on referred to it as a “naming ceremony,” which is something that Christians are more familiar with, and will not be repulsed by to the point of saying “well, maybe they deserved it?”

In 2013, a rabbi at that very same synagogue was performing that very same ceremony and accidentally severed the Jew-baby’s penis. It is not clear whether or not he did that with the knife or with his teeth.

That rabbi, Rabbi Mordechai Rosenberg, is still chopping up and sucking off baby dicks, by the way. In New Jersey.

It is important to remember that Jews are not simply evil, they are also deeply and unsettlingly bizarre in their behavior.

Along with cutting off a third of their boys’ penises and sucking out the blood, they also ritually torture animals, for example.

Along with this, they have a fear of the name of Jesus Christ, and on their own websites will commit journalistic fraud to remove it from things people say.