Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 20, 2018

Here we have the Jew Ben Shapiro trying to put White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Tucker Carlson into a trap where he can call Tucker a socialist by getting Tucker to express concern about workers and about the effects of new tech.

Tucker sees right through the trap, walks right into it, and springs it. 

Ben asks him point blank if he would stand in the way of progress, namely in the field of automated cars which will make hundreds of thousands of driving jobs obsolete.

Tucker rephrases the question, to demonstrate to the audience that he knows what Ben is asking, that he knows the trap that Ben has set up for him, but that he’s going to be honest, and forge ahead anyway with bold arguments no one has ever heard from a talk show host before.

He says that he would ban automated trucks in a heartbeat if it meant saving the livelihood of American workers. In particular, blue-collar proles with no other employment options.


This is Tucker Carlson we’re talking about here. A man who got so deep into the lolbertardian cult that he used to prance around TV in a red bowtie like all the members of the cult are supposed to.

The man above was not a fighter.

That man was a principled loser. A loser who cared more about the inane theoretical fiddlings of funky Jewish professors than his own blood and soil Americans.

This man died in a car accident. Or an earthquake. Or possibly in an inferno.

We may never know the details.

But we do know that a new man rose from the ashes, infused with fiery righteousness and a vast reservoir of righteous red-blooded cruelty to draw from… this man is the new Tucker Carlson… and he is on a warpath.

After Tucker spring’s the Jew’s trap, the interview only continues to get more based.

Tucker says that Capitalism is not a religion.

It is simply a means to an end – the betterment and welfare of the people. And to that end, we will not stay slaves to any one ideology or other – principles do not matter, results do. 

Tucker hammers his point home by saying that he doesn’t want a nation where you have 10 million people out of work from a new tech and 10 million families destroyed as a result.

Of course, Benji doesn’t like this goy thinking about his own. Not. One. Bit.

Tucker then talks about the problems of technological progress and the damage they wreak on society.

Yeah, that’s right. Tucker’s been listening to TED Talks.

Really fascinating interview.

Tucker has clearly become the fully awakened White man. 

In fact, he appears to be transforming into some kind of GOD-MAN.

He has grown and matured and discarded childish ideologies. Now, only the welfare of his folk concerns him.

And the BTFOing just continues relentlessly, in fact, he really rips into Ben, who tries to come up with some – I shit you not – Biblical argument to sell to Amerikaners who are about to lose their jobs.

He asks Tucker if they should not be telling these soon-to-be-unemployed people that it is God’s plan for them that they just need to move to the suburbs and do menial part-time labor to get by as they become atomized bugmen like the rest of society.

Unsurprisingly, Tucker refuses to tolerate such blatant Jewish soulless rootless cosmopolitan trickery.

“And what about the graves of their forefathers?”, Tucker asks.

No seriously.

I’m not embellishing here. Tucker’s performance is like listening to someone IRL Fash Wave meme.

Wew lads.

Tucker really needs to consider a presidential run. 

He’s articulate, coherent and clearly stands on a solid bedrock of folkish fundamentalism. If Trump is our Gaius Cesar…

Then perhaps Tucker is our Octavian, willing to finish what Trump started.