Raceless Mulatto Fatally Shoots White Man in His Illinois Home

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
December 19, 2018

Nathan Luten.

First, Nathan sprays a house with bullets, killing an unintended target.

Then he threatens the detective investigating him and flees.

That’s some impulsive chimp DNA at work right there.


Police have released the name of the man who died after a shooting at Sunday at a home in Moline. 31-year-old William T. Fowler of Moline died from his injuries.

Police say their investigation shows that the home was targeted by gunfire, but Fowler was not the intended target.

Early in the investigation, police attempted to interview 29-year-old Nathan C. Luten of Silvis. While attempting to make contact, police say. Luten threatened to kill a Moline detective and fled in a vehicle when they tried to take him into custody.

Luten was located at a home in Silvis and taken into custody. Police say he is a suspect in the shooting death of Fowler and is being held in the Rock Island County Jail on charges of harassment by telephone with threat of death, threatening a public official and aggravated fleeing/eluding a peace officer.

William Fowler.