Racism Has Consequences: Female Skin-Hater Stabbed to Death for Refusing Sex with Sudanese Migrant Child

Daily Stormer
August 18, 2019

Every day, innocent Holocaust-surviving migrant children suffer because of the growing epidemic of migration-related sexual emergencies. These precious flowers need love, but unfortunately, most Western women are possessed by the looming specters of ignorance and bigotry, and refuse to assist these victims with their vital needs.

Now, one skin-hater has learned the price for defying the will of Allah.


A migrant who arrived in the country as an asylum seeker four years ago was jailed for murdering a young woman who refused his sexual advances.

Karar Ali Karar, 29, was sentenced to life imprisonment on Thursday after pleading guilty to murdering 21-year-old Jodi Miller in Harehills, Leeds, in February, after she had refused to have sex him. He stabbed Jodi 15 times, and so violently that the knife was broken into three pieces, according to the Metro.

Prosecutor Jason Pitter QC had told Leeds Crown Court that Karar was “so enraged and frustrated by her rejection that he decided, in his mind, to teach her a lesson. To confront her and ultimately kill her,” only pausing in his assault to kick his victim and call her a “prostitute”.

The murder, who took place in the home of a friend of Jodi’s, was witnessed by two others in the room, including a 15-year-old boy, who tried to stop the attack, but Karar threatened to kill them, as well.

The judge ordered he serve a life sentence, serving a minimum of 25 years in prison.

Karar had come to the UK from Sudan in 2015 seeking political asylum, arriving in Newcastle before moving to Leeds.

After all of the privations he must have suffered on the NGO migrant smuggling routes, poor Karar must now suffer 25 years of taxpayer-funded isolation, without access to even so much as a Bacha bāzī boy or a goat.

How many more lives must be destroyed by racism and hate?