Radio Stormer: Equality Means Treating Your Children Like Dirt

Daily Stormer
May 7, 2015


Andrew Anglin and Sven Longshanks take a look at the false idol of equality, something that can never be of any benefit to a people as a whole, but appeals to the selfish individuals among us.

The family is the latest in a long line of targets for SJW philosophers and recently they have been claiming that being a good parent to your children is deliberating creating equality in society, as it means your children will be better off than those of single parents and the non-White races.

Therefore in order to achieve equality, we must abolish good schools and stop interacting with our children, as many children nowadays get no interaction at all with their parents.

In the second part of the program a long-running project is made public and an exciting new addition to the site is revealed, as well as an update on the server situation.