Radio Stormer: Hitler’s Birthday 2015

Daily Stormer
April 20, 2015

The Festspielhaus decorated and illuminated to celebrate Hitler’s birthday: April 20, 1939.

Andrew Anglin and Sven Longshanks honour the great man and explain why National Socialism is still the only solution for today.

The lies that are told about Hitler are exposed and the reasons why people tell them.

Hitler was one of the first people to identify the Jew as a biological problem rather than an ideological one.

The only person truly continuing this scientific approach today is Professor Kevin McDonald.

Putting the nation’s needs before the individual, is the only way for us to truly prosper.

To achieve this Hitler abolished usury in all its forms, not just in financial transactions.

He set a new standard in nationalism that has never been surpassed.

Originally broadcast on the Radio Stormer live stream.