Radio Stormer Narrations: Merrie England 2000 Part II

Daily Stormer
November 13, 2015

The author on his wedding day.

This story may be said to be an exercise in second sight. By all means treat it as just a prophetic bad dream, if you wish, unless and until you happen to wake up to find it is really happening. By title it is attached to England because of the historical connotation, but this is without prejudice to the rest of Britain to which, rest assured, its contents are equally applicable. As a fictional forecast it is neither intended as nor estimated as anything which in terms of the Public Order Act 1986 can cause “racial hatred”: a negative concept which does not motivate the author.

His motivation is concern for his homeland and his folk as once they were and should again become. His anger at what has already happened to England and the English, is now happening and seems set to happen, is fully focussed on those who, whatever their race, are ultimately responsible; and most of all concentrated on the renegades of his own race, especially the politicians congregated in the House of Treason beside the Thames at Westminster.

These are the people, whatever their breed, who are to blame for causing England and the English (and Britain and the British ) to approach the year 2,000 in the manner depicted in this book. Others, immigrants of other races, have only taken advantage of the treachery of our own renegades. Therefore they should not be made the scapegoats for the prime culpability of the latter, who are to be rated the greatest criminals in history for their supreme crime against their own kind.

This assessment does not conflict with criticism of the presence, influence and effect of incoming Jews, Coloured persons and other racial aliens, providing it is expressed entirely within the context of the condemnation of our own renegades for this consequence of their conduct, so that they and not the racial aliens are the target. So, dear reader, whoever you are, condemn not the author for holding up a mirror to the times! Instead hold culpable for the play thereby reflected precisely the players themselves. without which there could be no reflection. If anyone, inspired by the elastic terms of Part III of the Public Order Act fancies he detects some “insult”, some “threat” or some “abuse” against racially alien immigrants, rest assured that this impression is a misapprehension in the eye of the beholder, and not the intention or consequence of the author. The only offence arising from this chronicle must be charged against those who make the material of this book come true, not the chronicler.

If, despite this injunction there remains anyone incapable or unwilling to accept this interpretation, then let that person avoid either contemplating or contracting what he erroneously regards as “racial hatred” by the simple expedient of refraining from reading any further.

Colin Jordan March 1993

Narrated by Sven Longshanks

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