Radio Stormer Presents: Reports from the UPF and Reclaim Australia Rallies

Daily Stormer
July 19, 2015

Some crap out of the Dark Crystal going on down under
Some crap out of the Dark Crystal going on down under

The first report comes from James Lawrence, who was at both the UPF and Reclaim Australia rallies held in Melbourne.

The Left behaved like the usual degenerates that they are, with the Police having to pepper spray them.

Despite media reports to the contrary, the violence was all from the anti-racists.

The UPF supporters ended up being split into two groups with one group being attacked, but nobody was seriously hurt apart from the Marxists, many of whom were taken to hospital with pepper spray related ailments.


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The second report comes from Brett Light, who attended Reclaim Australia in Adelaide.

Not as many people were there as last time, but there was still a good showing.

Reclaim Australia are against the Islamisation of Australia.

This includes banning any mosques from being built and banning any language being used apart from English.

Reclaim Australia have a large following, with some support from the mainstream, as well as Non-White supporters.

They even have a mixed-race Abo organizer, but the Left were still calling him a racist.

The Moslems at the rally refused to associate themselves with the SJWs.


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