Radio Stormer: Private Resistance Needs to Become Public

Daily Stormer
June 17, 2015

Once we can come out from behind closed doors, it will be game over for the enemy.

Andrew Anglin and Sven Longshanks explain the real reason why the authorities are so scared of mean words on Facebook and Twitter.

Resistance to diversity is already widespread behind closed doors, but it s still not yet publically acceptable.

Social Network platforms reflect the public opinion and the more they become filled with nationalist sentiment, the more acceptable it becomes to be racist in public.

Rachel Dolezal and ‘White Privilege’ brainwashing in universities also comes up in the conversation.

Finally, it is the last day of the Paleo-Challenge and all who took part should now be feeling twice as healthy as they did before.

The program is a few minutes short as there were some connection problems.


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