Radio Stormer: The Glenn Miller Fiasco

Daily Stormer
April 16, 2014

Frazier Glenn Miller

Andre and Sven take a look at recent events including the killing of three White Christians at Jewish community centers, by White Rights advocate Glenn Miller. The dangers of drinking too much are highlighted and ways to counteract the fallout from this unfortunate event are suggested.

The Ukrainian coup and the current uprising in Donyetsk are used as an example of why it is better to seek change by lawful means, than by force and what the Ukrainians have to look forward to after joining the EU is contrasted with what Russia has to offer.

The role of the bankers and the euro in destroying the economies and industry of the Countries that joined the EU is pointed out, along with how the Jews were able to con the politicians into believing false premises for why the EU was formed.

The difference between Fascist corporations and modern ones is identified and how the Fascist ones were an extension of the old guilds from the Middle Ages that ensured a just price for everyone.

Tell MAMA, the new Jewish/Muslim/Homosexual hate-crime monitor in Britain are exposed as manufacturing two thirds of their ‘crimes’ from harmless online criticism. The special privileges of these and other minority classes have now elevated them to being the new masters in society and their different standards for family life are now being emulated by Whites, leading to masses of children being brought up in single parent families.

The destructive influence of pornography and the way it manipulates men is pointed out and how it is all based on the idea of the individual being somehow separate from the society and nation that he has grown up in.

Our ancient economies are looked at and how the good of the nation always came first, unlike today, where Human Rights have been used to excuse selfish business practices that have led to wide-scale financial inequality.


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