Radio Stormer: The Last Show

Daily Stormer
November 16, 2015

radio aryan 13 after contrast

This will be the last ever episode of Radio Stormer as Sven Longshanks will now be taking responsibility for the radio project under the new name Radio Aryan.

A new podcast in a new format featuring Andrew Anglin will be taking its place this week.

All the other Radio Stormer productions like Traditionalist Youth Hour, Narrations and Truth Will Out Radio will henceforth be produced every week by Radio Aryan.

All the radio content will be in one place, including all the bootleg audio productions, the chat room and a radio player displaying the current program and radio schedule.

This will also mean that Anglin can devote all his time to the written content at the Daily Stormer and will no longer be over-stretched trying to micro-manage all the audio content.

The podcasts will still be available here in the Radio section.

As well as discussing the reasons for these changes, Anglin also explains the financial situation with the site and some of his plans for the future.

The rest of the podcast concentrates on the recent incredibly successful Twitter op where Anglin posed as a Black Lives Matter activist and succeeded in setting off a hysteria on the Mizzou campus.

These are the tactics used by the enemy to start fake Twitter revolutions in Syria, Egypt and elsewhere used against them.

Advice is given on how the listener can also take part in the fun.

The last part deals with more serious issues and the latest Moslem atrocity in France, which was a shock and a surprise to the politicians, but not to readers of The Daily Stormer.

Within hours of it happening the Jew media was wringing its hands in horror not at the dead White people, but at how this latest attack might increase support for the far right.

How many more of our people are going to have to die, before they finally realize that the nationalists were right all along?


Radio Aryan will start streaming at 12pm EST/5pm GMT on Monday.

Previous Radio Stormer podcasts can be found here.