Rainbow Six Siege Players Now Getting Automatic Instaban for Hate Speech

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
July 16, 2018

Yes, they’re even banning niggers for saying “nibba.” Wew. On the flip side, they’re also banning pakis for being pakis, so there’s that.

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My vision went blurry. A popup box filled my field of view with the words “You’ve been banned for toxic thoughts. Your banking privileges have been revoked. For more information, consult our terms of service.”

Getting the Ubisoft cortical implant was a mistake.

PC Gamer :

Dropping hate speech in Rainbow Six Siege now comes with automatic consequences. Since yesterday, dozens of players have been saying that they received an automatic instant ban after using a racist or homophobic slur in text chat. Ubisoft has confirmed to PC Gamer via email that a new banning system is live in Siege.

What every multiplayer game needs: way fewer players.

These bans seem to last for 27 minutes on first instance, and prevent playing any aspect of Siege, including Terrorist Hunt or custom games. Upon second and third offense, the ban increases to 2 hours. After the third offense, an official investigation into the account is conducted that could lead to a permanent ban, per the Siege Code of Conduct.

Asked about the ban on Twitter, Ubisoft referred to a post in its dev blog from April that addressed toxicity. Back then, Ubi promised several features coming this year, like muting text chat and enhanced chat monitoring for abusive language. A chat filter was also promised with an estimated arrival for Season 3, but the feature set is a bit different than what is in place today.

Wow, good thing they’re working so hard on preventing their players from expressing themselves. It’s not like there’s other things to worry about.

Our team is working on the creation of an automated system that will censor text chat in game based on a chat filter list. This will replace words that have been identified as offensive and provide players with a notification that their language was found to be unacceptable. We will also be tracking the number of times players trigger this filter and will take action as necessary for players that are intentionally having a negative impact on other player’s gaming experience,” Ubi wrote in the April post.

Obviously, the overwhelming majority of the people who play games like Rainbow Six Siege, a squad-based first-person-shooter, are young White males. None of those people give a damn about people saying mean words in the chat.

Ubisoft is using the 1% of trannies, faggots and niggers playing the game as an excuse to impose their commie thought-control agenda on the world.