Rando Smote: White Woman Calls Police on Loose Black, Witch-Hunted by Global Media

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 18, 2018

Looks like this character did not download the latest update which has explicit instructions on how to deal with a grown man screaming at children in a public place.

if (black){ 911=false }

else if (aroundblacks){ relax=true }

Thankfully, someone at this event did get their updates and knew what to do – film it and upload it to Facebook where the global media could find it and use it to destroy her life.

NBC News:

An attendant at a teen soccer game in Florida over the weekend called police on a father who instructed his son from the sidelines, in what many are saying is the latest example of a white person dialing 911 on a black person who had done nothing wrong.

Ginger Williams, who was watching the game, posted photos of the incident to Facebook on Sunday with the heading “Soccer While Black.” She said a woman in a golf cart at the game in St. Johns County told a black father that “harassment won’t be tolerated,” even though he had been directing his son to listen to the referee.

Chuck Mulligan, a spokesman for the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Department, said the woman who called police, being dubbed “Golfcart Gail,” is a field marshal.

The father informed the marshal that he was only speaking to his son and not the referee, which is not allowed, but “Golfcart Gail just would not let this go,” Williams wrote.

The father, whose identity has not been revealed, began to leave in an effort to defuse the situation, Williams said, but the woman in the golf cart still called police saying, “she no longer felt safe with his threatening behavior.”

Gotta get those updates.

They’re on the media all the time. 24 hours a day. All you have to do is turn it on. The thing is, if you don’t get the updates, then you forget to turn on the media, then you find yourself witch hunted.

SOCCER WHILE BLACK. A parent at my son’s soccer game had the police called on him for cheering for his son during the…

Gepostet von Ginger Galore Williams am Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2018

It’s a shame.

A real shame.

Failing to update your system’s software can literally lead to becoming a literal Hitler Nazi. Or at least, that is how people who do their updates regularly will view you.

Might as well just go around with a shirt that says “surely orange man is not that bad.”