Rats Controlled by Human Mind Are Steered Through Maze in Experiment

Pomidor Quixote and Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 25, 2019

The Chinese people are doing all the fun science stuff that we could be doing if only we weren’t burdened by the Jews.

Daily Mail:

Chinese scientists have developed super smart rat cyborgs that can be controlled through a maze using the power of human thought.

Researchers from Zhejiang University implanted electrodes on the rats’ brains and connected them to a human brain reports Discover Magazine.

The human volunteers were set up with a brain-brain interface, which creates a direct communication pathway between one animal and another.

When the person thought about moving their left or right arm it would make the rat move it the matching direction.

If the human participant blinked, it would instruct the rat to move forward around the maze.

To start with the maze was simple but became more complex adding ‘tight turns and levels’ as the experiment went on.

Discover Magazine explained how when the human had movement related thoughts ‘an EEG picked it up and transferred them to a computer.

‘The computer translates that signal into “control instructions” which get wirelessly beamed into the stimulator on the back of the cyborg rat and then into its brain via electrodes.’

Overall the rats did well and improved their control time with practise and two were said to have ‘performed flawlessly’.

Video of the experiment shows one white rat moving around the maze, which has slopes and a small bridge, while a light flashes on the top of its head.

Professor Gang Pan, a computer scientist at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China, who led the research said it could allow rats to be used in search and rescue operations.

Writing in the journal Public Library of Sciences One, he and his colleagues described their experiments as a ‘proof-of-principle demonstration for cyborg intelligence‘.

Just wait until they start testing this technology on humans. By the time they perfect the practice of implanting thoughts into other humans, we’ll still be looking for ways to improve gender reassignment surgeries.

They’ll be able to remote-control humans and create their own mindless human puppets from clones or whatever, and we’ll be able to better disguise men as women.

This is actually serious business with both military and… entertainment purposes. Yeah, you can imagine its warfare uses, but knowing their gaming culture, they’ll likely end up with underground gaming tournaments where gamers mind-control NPC-like mindless human clones in all kinds of game scenarios.

Which is actually a pretty good plot for a movie.

Shame the movie using that plot wasn’t that great.

Watching it now, it probably would seem great. What with the stuff they’re putting out nowadays.

That Bruce Willis movie about a kind of different plot that is sort of related a little bit was much better.

Both of these movies will come to life in China pretty soon.

But hey. At least we have Jazz Jennings.

Here’s video of the experiment: