REAL NEWS: Jewish Employee Asked to Remove Yarmulke in Anne Frank House

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
April 16, 2018

With all this talk of World War III and the possibility of America becoming a nuclear wasteland filled with roaming gangs of radioactive cannibals, it can be easy to forget about the only thing that truly matters in life: Jewish persecution.

Fortunately, in-between publishing articles about Russia, Syria and all those other flavors of the week, the mainstream media have taken the time to provide some REAL NEWS: the suffering of an innocent Jew who, while working at the Anne Frank House, was told to remove his yarmulke – a very symbol of his Jewishness – by his hate-filled superior.


A Jewish employee of the Anne Frank House museum was told that he was not allowed to wear his kippa because it would conflict with the organisation’s “independent position” and might “influence” the message of combatting anti-Semitism.

Barry Vingerling, 25, said that he was told not the wear his yarmulke when he turned up for work at the museum dedicated to the life of the Jewish girl Anne Frank who died at a German concentration camp during World War Two, reports the New Israelite Weekly.

“I have been suffering from it for months, but this is a fundamental moral issue for me,” the 25-year-old told the Dutch-language New Israelite Weekly, saying that he wanted to make the expression of his Jewish faith at the museum celebrating the life of the teen Jewish diarist.

“I made a request in October and discussed it with the manager. Then I found out that the policy was not to show any beliefs in the workplace when you come into contact with the public.

“I was shocked because I was not aware of this. I did not expect it to be an issue. I work in the house of Anne Frank, who had to go into hiding because of her identity. In that same house should I hide my identity?”

Then in November, Mr. Vingerling defied his employers and after turning up to work visibly wearing the kippa; his employer told him that a decision would come soon and that until then he should continue to wear the baseball hat.

After a full six months, the young man was told last week that he was allowed to wear his kippa.

So the Jew was actually allowed to wear his stupid hat in the end.

Yet this non-story still made international news.

How can people read this sort of thing and not conclude that Jews wield a disproportionate amount of media influence?

A Jew only has to see a cloud that’s shaped like the gates of Auschwitz and the entire Western media thrusts their cameras in the direction of his thunderous “oy vey!” Meanwhile, the fate of people who are suffering from real genocide – such as the white South Africans – is either ignored or twisted into a narrative that favors the oppressors.

Obviously, that wouldn’t happen if whites controlled the media. And it certainly wouldn’t happen if Arabs controlled the media (as at least one water filter salesman has claimed).

But hey, the more the Judenpresse continues to publish flimsy stories intended to recall an event that (((happened))) 75 years ago, the more the average person is going to stop caring about it. Holocaust fatigue is real, it’s irreversible and it’s already on the verge of becoming mainstream.

Oy gevalt, remember us goyim! Also lol @ a casino ad in an article about the Shoah. Google Adsense knows what’s up.