Reclaim Australia Promises Bigger Rallies in the Near Future

Daily Slave
April 7, 2015

The White man built Australia and all White Australians should be proud of it.

Even though these Reclaim Australia rallies are a far cry from pure ethnic nationalism, it is at least a step in the right direction.  The rallies held this weekend were very successful resulting in all sorts of tears from Marxist faggots and pussies.  It is good to see that the organizers are planning more protests and demonstrations in the future.

If these grow, they have the potential to be similar to the PEGIDA movement in Europe.

These rallies are also good places to spread information about the Jewish parasite and the need for ethnic nationalism as the ultimate solution.  Therefore we should be supportive and use them as an opportunity to bring more people to our side.


The organiser for Reclaim Australia has promised the organisation’s next rallies will be “much, much bigger” following the heated clashes between protesters and counter-protesters on Saturday.

Shermon Burgess, who posts on Facebook under the name Great Aussie Patriot, said “a lot more people” now knew about the organisation and its goals.

Mr Burgess did not give dates for the next rallies, but said he and the other organisers would be taking some time off after “a lot of sleepless nights” organising the first round of events on the Easter weekend.

Held in capital cities around the country, the rallies sometimes degenerated into spiteful affairs as counter-protesters clashed with the anti-Islam group.

Mr Burgess criticised the Melbourne police for their handling of the Victorian rally, saying he thought the counter-protesters should have been moved aside given Reclaim Australia had a permit for its parade.

The protests were criticised by some commentators for being bigoted attacks on Islam, however, supporters and Reclaim Australia itself claim the group stands for nothing but “Australian values”.