Red Ice Radio: Mark Collett – The EU will Destroy Britain & the European People

Henrik Palmgren
Red Ice
June 23, 2016


Mark Collett has been involved in Nationalist politics his entire adult life. He is the former chairman of the Young BNP, the youth division of the British National Party (BNP). Later, Collett was Director of Publicity for the BNP and designed the campaign material that won the party a seat on the Greater London Assembly, two seats in the European Parliament and dozens of local councilors. In the past two months Mark has been hard at work promoting the Leave campaign for the forthcoming EU Referendum in Britain.

Mark joins us for an important dialogue about the upcoming Brexit vote and the promising Leave decision that must occur in order for Britain to free itself of the bureaucratic dictatorship of the EU and regain its national sovereignty. We discuss the undemocratic nature of the EU and the £350 million per week that is spent by Britain on a membership that curtails rights to control its own borders, protect its own resources, make its own laws and manage its own industries. Mark underscores the crucial problem of the EU Schengen Zone that allows throngs of unchecked 3rd world migrants, including hostile terrorists, to seep through Britain’s main access artery at the Calais tunnel. This issue is compounded by lax rules on asylum seekers that allow families of ‘refugees’ to be reunited within the borders of host countries, causing enormous influx and placing unmanageable stress on hospitals, schools and infrastructure while creating a horrible culture clash as the White working class of Britain is replaced by unrecognizable enclaves incapable of assimilation. Mark describes the insanity of the politicians pushing this multicult agenda of White genocide and the sneaky media programming that has a society of self-loathing Brits believing in the follies of White privilege and vibrant diversity. Then, we look at the important role that parties like UKIP are playing in legitimizing the message of reclaiming Britain’s sovereignty and control over the failed policies of the left.

In the members’ segment, we examine the unique flavor of ethnomasochism that makes Europeans particularly susceptible to anti-White brainwashing. Mark reminds us how the wondrous technological advancements developed by Europeans are now being employed as weapons of mass destruction against us, as the discordance of diversity splits cohesive communities into selfish, self-hating, guilt-ridden zombies huddled indoors, living on steady diets of media mental poison and processed garbage foods. Mark says this unnatural state can be chalked up to society’s overall divorce from nature, which is clearly illustrated in the rise of depression, anxiety, and mental malaise, the unprecedented volume of pharmaceutical drug consumption, and the number of degenerate role models that are propped up to further muddle the definition of wellbeing for our impressionable youth. Further, we look at the confusion and degradation being caused from touting the line that “everyone is a winner” and protecting children from dealing with any kind of defeat. We also consider how the West’s legacy of high-trust societies has resulted in a weakened culture preoccupied with consuming creature comforts, while the environmental strain this causes is completely forgotten. At the end, we get into the steps that must be taken for Brits and Europeans to eradicate corrupt law makers and police forces, regain control of our governments, and secure genuine nationalist representatives of our communities.

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