Red Ice Radio: Millennial Matt – Combating Left-Wing Lunacy with Trolling and Humor

Reinhard Wolff
Red Ice
September 12, 2017

Millennial Matt is a free speech activist, YouTuber, and political dissident with an interest in historical revisionism.

Matt joins us to discuss his videos, antifa violence, Charlottesville, and much more. To begin, Matt tells us about his background, including how he came to be red-pilled. Next, we talk about some of the videos he’s made. Matt explains his notorious trolling of Shia LaBeouf, which took place at the short-lived He Will Not Divide Us exhibit in New York. Later, Matt tells us about his experiences at Unite the Right in Charlottesville, which leads to a discussion on the Left’s proclivity for violence. The show concludes with a consideration of why White identity – something once accepted as healthy and reasonable – has become so profoundly vilified.