Red Ice Radio: Oscar Turner – Visual Aesthetics in Media Production

Henrik Palmgren
Red Ice Creations
April 13, 2016


Oscar Turner is the creator of Omniphi Media and for the past couple years has been producing, editing and narrating videos that challenge the corrupt mainstream media coalition who seek the genetic and cultural annihilation of the European people. Oscar’s work is dense with rich graphics and animations, with notable productions such as “The European Giant,” “Voice of Europe,” and “Dr. William L. Pierce – Conditioning for Death.”

In this discussion, Oscar describes how he became interested in the backstories of history and countering the deliberately destructive role of the mass media in American society. We learn how an 8th grade reading assignment on the holocaust prompted Oscar to question the accepted narrative of the history books and led him to the discovery of inspirational men like William Pierce, David Duke and Kai Murros. We talk about the dominating forces in Hollywood responsible for promoting a lefty ‘counter culture’ fueled by degeneracy and a hatred for America’s European ancestry since the 60s, and we look at ways to build the rising right momentum that is directed towards reinvigorating a more traditional, nationalistic narrative. Oscar delves into his creative process of video making and his goals for reaching a wider audience through addressing issues that inform on both politics and White identity. We consider the types of internet personalities who are able to appeal to the hyperactive pace of the millennials, and we weigh up some of the characters who have tried to infiltrate and tarnish the true positioning of the alternative right. Then, Oscar touches on some of his experiences with the transhumanism movement and he points out how these forward thinking visionaries may be a godsend if the west is fully seized by a hostile, non-white majority. In closing, Oscar gives some tips for getting into video production and how we can gear our energy towards a new renaissance of culture creation.


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