Red Ice Radio: Ricardo Duchesne – Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age

Henrik Palmgren
Red Ice
September 11, 2016


Ricardo Duchesne teaches sociology and world history at The University of New Brunswick in Saint John, Canada. His Dissertation, “All Contraries Confounded: Historical Materialism and the Transition-to-Capitalism Debate”, was awarded the “Doctoral Prize Award” for best dissertation of the year. Ricardo is also the author of The Uniqueness of Western Civilization and Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age.

To begin, Ricardo details how his research led him to the rather taboo conclusion that race is an extremely significant factor in both creating and maintaining civilizations. After realizing that civilizations tend to decline when they undergo racial demographic shifts, Ricardo started to understand that the West simply cannot survive without a White majority. We discuss how such demographic shifts can have profound effects on societies, as numerous institutions, such as the free market and the separation of church and state, are things that, for the most part, only ethnic Europeans value. The first hour concludes with a discussion of the attempts within academia to deconstruct the validity of race and downplay the uniqueness of the West.

In the members’ hour, Ricardo tells us about his upcoming book, Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age. He argues that the true spirit of the West is Faustian, meaning exploration, discovery, and a desire to penetrate the unknown are the defining aspects of the European soul. We consider the fact that those who seek to control and domesticate humanity, reducing them to the level of consumers and zombies, see this Faustian nature as dangerous and unpredictable. Ricardo notes that Donald Trump, through his tendency to push limits and take risks, in many ways embodies the Faustian ideal. To wrap up, Ricardo recounts his experience working in academia, and extends an invitation to any prospective scholars to come to Canada and do graduate work under his tutelage.


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