Red Ice Radio: The Truth About Golden Dawn & The Crisis in Greece

Henrik Palmgren
Red Ice Creations
July 30, 2015


Giorgos (George) is the editor for the website of the New York division of Golden Dawn. This chapter specializes in collecting food donations that are shipped to the Greek people who have been starving due to the crisis and political treason perpetrated by the government of Syriza. Golden Dawn New York also works to counter the lies and propaganda against Golden Dawn in the English speaking world.

George is with us to talk about the current economic situation in Greece – where it all began with the “Junta” regime in the 1970s, and in what direction this deteriorated country is headed. He provides a detailed explanation of Golden Dawn, which he asserts is the only political party in Greece today that truly stands for the sovereignty, security, and dignity of the Greek people. We discuss some of the disinformation and confusing exaggerations that mainstream media loves to spread in order to create a distorted image of the party. Then, we address the latest memorandum issued by Syriza and how Greece has been systematically sold out by international bankers over the past 40 years. George explains how the Greek people are being driven to poverty and despair through austerity policies designed to bankrupt the country and decimate resources.

In the members’ segment we tackle the ongoing refugee invasion into Greece that has transformed the country in a matter of decades. George illustrates how the Greek people are not buying into the EU’s current senseless immigration policies and that it appears the left’s insidious agenda is leading towards an imminent collapse of the Eurozone. We dig into the immense propaganda that has westerners duped into believing the multicultural experiment and the idea that somehow European countries don’t belong to its native peoples. At the end, we discuss the psychology of the left and the comfortable state of decadence that has many incapable of recognizing what is truly at stake for the West.

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