Red Ice Radio: YouTube Shut Down Swedish Channel Exposing Fake News & Establishment Lies

Henrik Palmgren
Red Ice
March 10, 2018

Fabian Fjälling, also known as Erik Johansson from Granskning Sverige (Review Sweden), joins us for a discussion about the recent shut down of their YouTube channel. Swedish publisher giant Bonnier filed frivolous copyright claims against the citizen journalist media outlet and after three strikes the channel was terminated.

A video version of this interview is available here.

We discuss why this alternative media outlet have been singled out and targeted for hate campaigns by the mainstream press in Sweden. Fabian reveals that exposing the fake news media machine in Sweden has become a dangerous task. Expressen and other mainstream media press outlets have created an atmosphere of hate against the group. Sadly, Fabian and his wife have received death threats and in the wake of this Fjälling announced that he will be stepping down as the “face” of Granskning Sverige.

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