Redemption Road: Rand Spearheads Right-Wing Russian Outreach Effort

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 9, 2018

The funny thing about memes is that if enough people start believing in them, reality starts to manifest in the way that these things were at first either cynically or ironically memed.

It doesn’t really matter what the original intentions of the memer were, these things get distorted in the meme-warp.

So the whole Russia-Conservative worldwide alliance thing wasn’t really a thing because…well, idk, probably lack of creativity from the bugmen running the Kremlin was to blame.

But now it’s becoming a thing because the Left has been trying to meme it into reality to justify Hillary’s loss in the election. So the meme-energy is warping and starting to create a more positive Russian connection with conservatism.


US Senator Rand Paul has said he delivered a letter from US President Donald Trump to Vladimir Putin’s administration. Moscow says that it will consider it in the near future.

“I was honored to deliver a letter from President Trump to President Vladimir Putin’s administration,” the senator from Kentucky wrote on Twitter.

Dmitry Peskov, Vladimir Putin’s press secretary, confirmed that a missive had been received “through diplomatic channels,” and will soon be delivered to the president’s administration.

According to Paul, the letter “emphasized the importance of further engagement” between Washington and Moscow “in various areas including countering terrorism, enhancing legislative dialogue and resuming cultural exchanges.” 

This is pretty good stuff. Only Rand would touch Russia at this point, so naturally the job fell to him, no surprises there.

The conservative-Russia axis is really long overdue.

Now that we’re memeing it, and the Left is memeing it, maybe the meme-magic will be strong enough to finally make it happen.

It is nice to see Rand trying to get some dialogue going. If the Democrats won’t, then the populist-right has a nice niche to slide into. It’s a good development. You want cards to play, regardless of what side of the political divide you fall on. Let the populist-right pick up the perfectly good deck that the left has discarded. Gives you more leverage. Always be acquiring leverage and cards to play…whether in life or in politics, that’s solid advice.

And this has been happening in Europe…gradually.

Now, it might start happening in the US.

In fact, I think that the Left was afraid of just this sort of thing happening. So they tried to preemptively frame it as treason.

But meme-magic doesn’t work that way.

It always flows towards the lulziest result possible.

And what could be lulzier than Rand Paul leading an alliance of Commu-Nazi Russo-American Death Troopers across the windswept plains of America to sack Washington, DC, burn New York and then turn right round to drown the miserable denizens of California in wave upon wave of hot lead?

So I applaud Rand’s Redemption Arc.

I lost a lot of faith in him when he tried to stand in front of Trump’s rampage through the primaries.

His destiny was never to become president, that much was clear.

But leader of a hybrid fremen-like death squad exterminating undesirables across the entire Western World?

By the logic of meme-magik, that seems far more possible.