REPORT: Trump Gave Up on Regime Change in Venezuela Because He Got Bored!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 20, 2019

We haven’t been hearing much about Venezuela lately, have we?

And there had to be some explanation for that.

Business Insider:

President Donald Trump is losing interest in Venezuela after a bid to remove President Nicolás Maduro failed and he clings to power, officials told the Washington Post.

In April, a US backed bid by the Venezuelan opposition to remove Maduro failed, when senior Venezuelan government and military officials reneged on promises to switch sides and instead stood by the president.

According to US officials who spoke to the Post, Trump had viewed the prospect of a US-backed toppling of Maduro as an “easy win,” at a time when other foreign policy initiatives had stalled.

A former administration official speaking on condition of anonymity told the publication that Trump had always thought of Venezuela as “low-hanging fruit” on which he “could get a win and tout it as a major foreign policy victory.”

“Five or six months later . . . it’s not coming together,” the official said.

Current and former officials told the Post that Trump had “chewed out” national security adviser John Bolton and Latin America policy director Mauricio Claver-Carone because they “got played” both by US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaidó, and Maduro regime figures – who claimed to have supported ousting Maduro.

I’m gonna go ahead and say that this isn’t real. Or rather, it is a spinning of what actually happened.

We all saw what actually happened: Trump and his neocons went hard on Venezuela and Nicolás Maduro called the bluff.

Then their man Juan Guaidó – the fake president groomed by the CIA to take over the country in some kind of convoluted coup – turned out to be a total lolcow and imploded.

So the options left on the table were:

  1. Invade the country
  2. Forget about it

It’s possible Trump actually was mad at John Bolton for telling him this would be a cakewalk. But that’s really whatever, because he’s now allowing Bolton to run the Iran regime change, which is a whole helluva lot more serious than the Venezuela thing.

Venezuela was pretty low stakes. Nothing was really likely to go disastrously wrong. And even if it did, it wouldn’t really matter that much. Iran is a horse of a different color.

There is a nonzero chance of this Iran meddling triggering a very real war, which could actually escalate into a world war. It’s still unlikely. When I say “this is happening,” I’m being slightly hyperbolic. But it is becoming more and more likely every day that it will happen.

Maduro called the bluff and won.

Iran is currently calling the bluff – that is what they’re doing by starting to enrich uranium again.

They’re saying “you ain’t gonna do nuffin.”

The US is now like the OG hardass on the block, who was a total badass back in the day and would fuck up anyone who stepped on him. Now he’s old, he’s tired, and he’s making threats and the young bucks are like: “Oh yeah? Why don’t you come out here and fuck me up then, eh? You know where I’m at. I’m out here every day.”

And obviously, the Jews and the neocons understand this dynamic. Maduro winning hasn’t been in the news, but it was a massive deal. The world took note: if you call the US’ bluff, they will back down.

Now with Iran, they’ve gotten themselves in a situation where they might feel like they have to come out and fight, just to maintain their status as a threat. If third world countries are able to say “bitch, you ain’t gonna do shit” to the American Military Industrial Complex, then that pretty much means that the entire “unipolar world” the Jews built is officially over.

The shocking thing is just how sloppy this all is. Which I assume is in large part due both to Trump’s lack of enthusiasm to get involved in this shit, as well as his general lack of competence.

If I were Trump, I wouldn’t want to win the 2020 election. I would want to stall this out for another year, then dip out, go on Twitter, and blame everyone else for this four-year-long train crash.

The problem with that plan is that it means he will be prosecuted. They already have an entire massive case against him in the Southern District of New York (SDNY) for presumably real illegal shit he did during his decades as a top New York real estate magnate. Robert Mueller had full subpoena power, and got all of that.

But he obviously cannot manage these neocons. They’re walking all over him. And apparently, he can’t fire them. So if he’s in for another four years, the likelihood of a direct conflict with Iran goes up to pretty much 100%. Unless Iran folds, which they don’t really have any reason to do.