Republican Cucks Offer Trump Complete Submission

Daily Stormer
January 27, 2017

The thing about cucks is, they’re pansies.

The entire Republican establishment has been biting at Trump’s heels ever since he announced his candidacy a year ago. They’ve fought back against him every step of the way, whining like children at every policy he proposed.

So, now that he’s in power, you would assume they’d be his biggest opponents and critics.

You would assume that, if you were ignorant of cuck-psychology.

The reason these cuckservatives are such vile creatures is precisely because they have no principles and no character. They push the Jewish agenda because that’s the side their bread is buttered on.

But now that there’s a new sherrif in town, they’re all falling over themselves to please Trump instead.

They’re still slimeballs. But now, they’re our little slimeballs.

Cucks are basically level 1 mobs; easily intimidated, with no special abilities.

New York Times:

From the time Donald J. Trump became their candidate until he took the oath of office, congressional Republicans treated his policy pronouncements — largely out of step with Republican dogma — as essentially a distraction. He would talk. They would drive the policies.

But now, the question of whether congressional Republicans would change President Trump or Mr. Trump would change them has an early answer. Mr. Trump cheerfully addressed the group here at their policy retreat on Thursday, and they responded with applause to many proposals they have long opposed.

Good news, I guess. But they’re still pathetic creatures.

Republican lawmakers appear more than ready to open up the coffers for a $12 billion to $15 billion border wall, perhaps without the commensurate spending cuts that they demanded when it came to disaster aid, money to fight the Zika virus or funds for the tainted water system in Flint, Mich. They also seem to back a swelling of the federal payroll that Mr. Trump has called for in the form of a larger military and 5,000 more border patrol agents.

They have stayed oddly silent as Mr. Trump and Senate Democrats push a $1 trillion infrastructure plan, larger than one they rejected from President Barack Obama. Once fierce promoters of the separation of powers, Republicans are now embracing Mr. Trump’s early governing by executive order, something they loudly decried during Mr. Obama’s second term.

Speaker Paul D. Ryan, whose own website this week still praised the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, now applauds Mr. Trump for putting the final shovel of dirt over the accord, with the president saying he is interested in bilateral agreements instead.

It’s too late for mercy, Ryan.

I guess these cucks can be put to work pushing Trump’s agenda or whatever, but not Paul Ryan.

He can never be forgiven.

He went above and beyond the call of duty in shilling against Trump throughout the campaign, and is a confirmed enemy of the White race. No matter how much he grovels, he must be destroyed.