RETALIATION! Ancient Church in Paris Set Ablaze!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 18, 2019

Brenton Tarrant has set the world on fire.

Now comes Act II: The Religion of Peace Strikes Back!

Coming soon to a city near you! 

Workplace violence from peaceful Moslems just trying to assimilate into Western society will no doubt start making headlines in the coming weeks.

This is just the start.


Paris’ historical Saint-Sulpice church has gone up in flames. Firefighters are extinguishing the blaze, which burst through the doors of the 19th Century building.

Firefighters were sent to deal with the blaze early on Sunday afternoon, Le Parisien reported. According to the newspaper, the wooden doors were on fire, and a stained glass window was damaged. The rest of the damage “seems minor,” the daily paper said.

Dramatic footage shared on social media shows the interior of the church in flames, with smoke billowing up to its arched roof. From outside, video footage shows firefighters hosing down the burning doors.

First things first: the Scottish tourist girl who filmed the video listed her pronouns in her Twitter bio… and she’s not even a tranny… which means she feels the need to participate in the gender dysphoria madness despite being normal.


As for the burning church, well, as much as I want to get mad and shed tears/pull my hair out over it, I’m pretty sure that the French government would have just knocked it over to make space for a parking lot or a mosque eventually.

As for who did it?

Well, I suppose we shouldn’t jump to conclusions here. We can’t definitively rule out the Amish or the Mennonites just yet so perhaps I should take a step back and not blame Moslems just yet.

Furthermore, maybe Christchurch was a false flag hoax where the shooter was a trained Navy SEAL who shot fake CGI bullets into corpses that didn’t bleed enough to be real, and who were all really just crisis actors that the gubmint rolled out to anger the Moslems and trigger a race war which will lead to SOCIALISM, mass gun grabs and FEMA camps if we don’t hold hands and Kumbaya+Constitution our way out of this, together!

Seriously, what is the narrative that people who think like this are trying to push?

That no one is mad about their demographic replacement, the non-stop terror and the Third World horrors these people bring with them?

That no one but the gubmint, and more specifically, the CIA is capable of violence?

That we can all live together in a peaceful multicultural paradise as long as the government doesn’t interfere?

That the planes were just CGI and nothing crashed into those towers?

Seriously. What are these conspiracy people even saying at this point?

I know what I’m thinking though.

This is the start of something new and ultra-violent.

And that’s just as well.