Retrial Date Set for Boot-Lipped Bonobo Who Murdered Queens Jogger

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
January 30, 2019

Karina Vetrano and Chanel Lewis.

Now why did the initial trial have a hung jury, I wonder?

Could it be because many of the jurors were coloreds who declared Chanel innocent just because he’s black?


The man accused of murdering a Queens jogger was back in court Tuesday, as a judge set a date for his retrial.

Jury selection for Chanel Lewis will begin March 12.

Lewis is accused of murdering 30-year-old Karina Vetrano in 2016 as she jogged in a park near her family’s home in Howard Beach.

The jury in Lewis’ first trial failed to reach a verdict two months ago, resulting in a mistrial.

Justice Michael Aloise declared the mistrial after the jurors were split, with seven voting guilty and five not guilty.

After only a day and a half of deliberations, the jury sent a note to the judge saying they could not make progress one way or another and had exhausted all thoughts and opinions.

The defense asked for a mistrial, and prosecutors and the judge agreed, telling the stunned courtroom there was a hung jury.

Parents Cathie and Phil Vetrano left the courtroom with tears in their eyes that day, more than two years after the murder of their daughter, no closer to justice.

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